best yoga poses to strengthen muscles


3 Best Yoga Poses To Strengthen Muscles

Susan Wagner

Do you know that there are yoga poses to strengthen muscles? By practicing yoga regularly, you will notice an improvement in muscle conditioning and strength. It is because many of the postures use the suspension of their body weight in their execution. By holding positions for the stipulated time, the results appear in the body as well as in mind. In this article, you’ll find the best yoga poses to strengthen muscles.

Benefits Of Yoga For Muscles

If you dream of a well-defined belly and shapely muscles, know that yoga can be a great help. While bodybuilding represents a way to increase muscle mass, the millenary mode is ideal for strengthening the muscles, but without adding much volume.

The essential difference is that yoga trains the muscles in a static and isometric way, which allows the muscles to work together, improving muscle tone and endurance. Bodybuilding involves a dynamic and isotonic work, guaranteeing more volume and power.

Many celebrities already bet on yoga and its variations to sculpt the silhouette. Above all, the modality acts on the emotional state, as it helps to reduce anxiety and binge eating, for example.

From the perspective of the working mind and body together, yoga can be a great ally of good form. To support all of the positions suggested in the lesson, you also need to strength in the arms, legs, back, and various specific points of the muscles that can stimulate simultaneously.

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As you move forward, the challenge is to hold positions longer. It is possible, for example, between 30 seconds and 10 minutes in the same posture. So the evolution is continuous, and nobody stays in the comfort zone. The result is a sculpted body with greater flexibility.

Yoga Poses To Strengthen Muscles

For those who aim to use yoga as a form of meditation and to tone the body, it is worth giving some yoga positions to strengthen the muscles. Get to know three of them:

1. Tree Pose
  • Fold the right knee and then place the right foot on the inside of the left thigh.
  • Align shoulders and head vertically, and position the hands above the head, pointing directly at the sky.
  • Stay on this posture as you can.
  • Then repeat the movement with the legs changed.
2. Firefly Pose
  • The pose is to tighten the thighs against the shoulders, to look forward and to firm the toes of the feet on the ground.
  • Then it is necessary to raise the heels of the floor, lengthening the legs.
3. Crow Pose
  • In all variations of this posture, the knees rest on the forearm, and the hands planted on the floor.
  • It is a simple execution, but it requires balance and strength works.

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