4 Yoga Poses For Peace Of Mind

Beth Mole

There are a number of reasons why people practice yoga. Some perform it to enhance their flexibility, some use it as a weight loss tool and some use it to enhance their muscle tone and strength, but originally yoga offers immense peace of mind after every session. Regular practice helps one relax, unwind and enjoy their inner self after a long or stressful day. There are specific yoga asana that gets an individual calmer by decreasing stress and anxiety and enhancing peace of mind. Let us discuss these specific yoga asana that targets the mind and its tranquility.


Pranayama involves deep breathing techniques that helps fill the system with fresh oxygen. This alerts the brain and keeps it fresh all day.

Pranayama is typically a hyperventilating asana where entire air in the lungs is pushed out and fresh air is filled in through huge and forceful expiration and inspiration cycles.

Yoga pairs these deep breathing techniques with its all other moving and standing poses that offers good flexibility for the body and relaxation for the mind.

Cross legged or lotus position: 

This is often termed as the meditating pose and according to a recent study, this poses that been linked with the functions of the brain.

The yoga lotus pose is an open position when one could open their minds for meditative thoughts pretty easily.

The more stable form of this position is by placing the foot on the opposite thigh or a half lotus pose where one foot is on top of the opposite thigh and the other rests under it.

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One could choose a position that is most comfortable for them.

Resting or corpse poses: 

This is commonly termed as savasana and is the only joy for yoga beginners who are otherwise forced into tough poses and movements.

Savasana offers complete relaxation and helps one calm down. People get relieved of their mental stress doing this. Sit on the floor with knees bend and foot resting on the floor.

Lift the pelvis off the floor and support it with the hand before resting again on the floor.

Stretch both the legs allow the thighs and groin to relax. Then let the back and the entire body to relax by lying down. Keep the hands at the back of the head and lay down for at least five minutes to enjoy real relaxation and peace of mind.


This is the standing forward bend pose for those who wish real peace of mind and would not mind standing for a long time.

Stand straight with the feet kept in straight line with the hips. Now, by keeping the back straight, bend forward from the hips making sure that the hamstring muscles are getting stretched.

For those with higher levels of flexibility, they could rest their palms on either side of the feet on the floor, for those who find this difficult, cross the arms at the opposite elbow.

Let the body relax deeper with each stretch by through exhalation. You could notice that the stress dissipating with every breath you take.

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