5 Best Yoga Poses To Reduce Your Belly Size, Beauty Vigour


5 Best Yoga Poses To Reduce Your Belly Size

Susan Wagner

5 Best Yoga Poses To Reduce Your Belly Size, Beauty Vigour

Belly fat has been a great problem for those wanting to lose weight and to feature and strong body. Though losing fat from other parts of the body is easy, it is very difficult to lose belly fat. The main reasons for accumulation for this stubborn belly fat are consuming junk food, sedentary lifestyle and stress at work. Yoga has remedies to get relieved from stubborn belly fat through its powerful asana. Five best yoga poses to reduce belly size are discussed here.

Yoga Poses To Reduce Your Belly Size

1. Sun salutations:

Sun salutations or Surya namaskar acts best on belly gar and is a confluence of twelve positions each has specific impact on different parts of the body. It has a series of forward and backward bends that stretches the body and deep breathing at each move helps to detoxify the body. Surya namaskar should be performed everyday morning facing the sun for best benefits.

2. Seated forward bend pose:

This is a basic hatha yoga pose that helps to stimulate the solar plexus center. It is a tummy toning pose that offers good stretch of the hamstrings muscles of the hips and the thighs. This asana works best for people with digestive disorders.

  • Sit on the floor with spine kept erect and stretch the legs out to the front, with feet pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Inhale deeply to stretch hands above head without bending elbows and stretch spine to the maximum. 
  • Bend from things forward while exhaling and bring hands down to touch toes.
  • Hands should rest on the knees and beginners could touch their ankles to start with.
  • Once toes are touches, hold them and pull toes backward to feel the stress on the hamstring muscles.
  • Breathing in, hold the tummy and retain the position as long as possible.
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3. Wind relieving pose:

This asana not only reduces belly fat but alleviates gastric problems that include constipation and indigestion.

  • Knees tend to exert pressure on the tummy and holding on to this position for more than a minute triggers burning of fat in the belly.
  • Lie flat, bend knees and try bringing the bend knees towards the chest with a deep breathe, thighs has to apply pressure on the abdomen and things are to be clasped by hands.
  • Again lift the head for chin to touch the knees and hold on to this position for a minute
4. Bow pose:

This pose tones the tummy and offers a good stretch on the back, thighs, arms, abdomen and chest.

  • Lie on the abdomen, with hands resting on the side and palm facing the floor.
  • Bend the knees to touch the butt and lift the head to bend backwards.
  • Hold the ankles with the hands by bringing them backwards.
  • It is important to support the entire body weight with the abdomen, take deep breaths and life knees higher, hold on to this position for at least 30 seconds.

5. Camel pose:

  • Sit in vajrasana pose and slowly lift the body from the knees so as to sit with the entire body weight supported by the knees.
  • Heels have to make a perpendicular line with the ground, inhale and exhale deeply to arch the back.
  • Bring hands behind the body and hold the ankles one after another.
  • Tilt the head and stretch backward until a stretch is experienced in the belly.
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