Yoga Asanas To Overcome Anxiety


Yoga Asanas To Overcome Anxiety

Beth Mole

Fear, stress and anxiety are three indispensable emotions of one’s life. But when we experience them, we are simply off the mind. A bit of anxiety and fear is normal but excess should be curved at the earliest. Yoga is becoming the default prescription to treat those suffering from tension, high blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Most of the medical doctors have started prescribing yoga to relieve stress and to enjoy a pleasant state of mind. There are three important yoga asanas to overcome anxiety and ensures mental and emotional harmony and peace.

3 Yoga Asanas To Overcome Anxiety

The yoga poses to overcome anxiety are,

1. Downward Facing Pose

This pose is a downward facing position and is performed with support.

  • Let the knees and hands touch the floor and are well supported and add additional support with the help of a block under the chest.
  • Next step is to lift the pelvis up and ensure that legs are kept straight.
  • Now push against the floor and lift and extend the body in the upward direction.
  • Place the head on the supporting block, keep arms straight and keep the neck loose.
  • Add additional block or a blanket to get height adjusted, based on one’s flexibility levels.
  • Remain in this pose for at least two minutes and keep the legs and arms strong and face soft.
2. Handstand Pose

This pose could also be translated as handstand.

  • To perform this, stand near the wall and make up your mind to stand upside down against it.
  • Walk closer to the wall, place the palm near to it and lift the hips in the upward direction.
  • This could be a very tough pose, to accomplish this, try one leg after the other, raise the right leg towards the roof first while bending the second one and kick up the left leg also shortly thereafter.
  • Now stand on the hands by keeps them straight and gain support by hitting the wall with the heels.
  • Spread hands as far as possible to gain support and hold on in this position for a minute.
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3. Staff Pose

This asana has to be performed with the help of a support, preferably a fixed chair that is featured with a large opening at its backrest. These types of chairs would create good space for the legs.

  • Proceed with the pose by holding the sides of the top of the chair, first sit in the reverse position and proceed to lie backward at the seat.
  • Broaden the chest so that chair’s edge offers support at the middle of the back region.
  • Place two or three folded blankets for the head and now rest over them and extend the legs for additional support.
  • Take support by holding the legs of the chair with the hands, passing them between the legs.
  • Try holding on to this position for 5 minutes at least.
  • Do not get off the pose immediately but hold the top of the chair, bend the knees, keep the feet flat on the floor and then get up.
  • Breathe nicely and keep the chest open while relaxing from the pose.

There are a number of other yoga asana that helps keep anxiety levels low, the above are top three poses among the rest.

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