Yoga Poses For Better Digestion, Beauty Vigour


Yoga Poses For Better Digestion

Beth Mole

Yoga Poses For Better Digestion, Beauty Vigour

Though over thousands OTC and prescribed medications are available that work for the betterment of your digestive system but these medications can collapse the functionality of digestive system if they are taken for a long time contrary to the choice of yoga presented here.

Hence, you must look out for natural alternatives like healthy vegetables and fresh fruits. Though healthy foods have huge positive impact on the improvement of digestive system but physical exercise can improve the condition rapidly.

Yoga is a form of physical exercise that was invented by the Indian hermits thousands years ago and from that ancient time this form is being exercised across the world.

Yoga poses are known as asanas and now even the scientists have admitted the fact that these asanas are really effective in curing several diseases and also improve the symptoms of some chronic disease like arthritis

3 Yoga Poses For Better Digestion


This posture is known as cat and cow position.

  • At first, bring the hands underneath the shoulders and the knees below the buttock.
  • Inhale while dropping the belly button towards the ground and slowly start to lift hip and heart in the direction of sky. This one is known as cow pose or bitilasana.
  • After that spread across the sitting bones and the shoulders. Then exhale while round the upper back portion to the sky and drop the gaze towards navel by pressing hand and earth onto the ground and this posture is known as Cat pose or Marjariasana.
  • Try to continue at least 10 rounds at a time.
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If you breathe deeply while practicing this position your organs will be massaged as you lengthen and compress the intestine alternatively, fresh blood will be brought into the epithelial cells and this is necessary for healthy digestive system.

Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • At the starting point, you have to come into plank position in order to set up the hands as well as feet.
  • Now place the hands apart from each other in shoulder-distance and feet in outer-hip-distance.
  • Next utilize your center to push the hip front and back position.
  • In order to broaden up the back, you need to bend knees to some extent plus lengthen your spine and open out shoulders wide.

For taking deep breaths into the belly you can use this position, while pulling up the navel towards your heart you exhale and this exhalation nourish your intestine which are necessary for healthier gut functionality.

Ardha Pawanmuktasana (Half Gas Release Pose)

This one is also known as half gas release pose, the name is quite interesting, is not it? This posture condenses the ascending colon that is situated in the right side of the body with the descending colon that is situated on the left, and also stimulates the nerves to help in eliminating toxic elements from the body.

  • Bring the right knee towards the right side of your ribcage. Keep pushing the left leg onto the ground in straight position while grasping hands around the right side shin in order to drag it nearer to the floor. You must hold the positions for 1 to 2 minutes.
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Remember morning is the best time practice yoga as only at that time you can inhale fresh air from the environment.

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