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5 Wheat Germ Oil Benefits For Hair

Melanie Yates

Wheat germ oil, as its name suggests, is an extract of the germ that is inside its grain, pale yellow, with a sweet and light nutty odor. This vegetable oil has recognized for its high nutrient content and the great benefits it provides to hair. Here we present you the wheat germ oil benefits for hair.

Currently, it is using for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. More and more companies are using this oil for skin and hair. Indeed, after being absorbed, it has a moisturizing, restorative and rejuvenating effect on the hair.

Also, it is a source of fatty acids, antioxidants, and proteins that help to prevent and treat aesthetic problems.

How To Choose Wheat Germ Oil For Hair

The conditions of production strongly influence the composition of wheat germ oil. It is recommended to choose an extra virgin oil, obtained by cold pressing and ideally of biological origin.

Wheat germ oil is the oil of choice for cracked and dry skins. It acts as a powerful anti-aging agent that allows the skin to regenerate and fight against free radicals.

However, as already mentioned, this vegetable oil helps to treat damaged hair and can improve its appearance.

Wheat Germ Oil Benefits For Hair

1. Increase Hair Growth

Applying wheat germ oil all over the scalp is an excellent solution for women who wish to accelerate the growth of their hair with the nutrients it provides and which allows them to grow and strengthen themselves.

The proteins contained in this vegetable oil stimulate cell growth, promote tissue formation, strengthen hair follicles and, preventing the factors involved in the lack of growth.

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2. Treat Dry Hair

The substances contained in wheat germ oil, such as linoleic oil and palmitic acid, are easily absorbed by the hair, resulting in deep hydration of dry, brittle hair.

On the other hand, the antioxidant properties fight damage to hair by the production of free radicals and imbalances or pH changes that cause drought. The properties of this oil also include its vitamin A content, D, and E, which are also part of the regeneration of hair.

3. Control Frizzy Hair

This problem is common in most women, and it is the electric effect acquired by the hair. A minimal amount of this oil helps to reduce this unsightly effect called frizz. Its fat content helps to soothe, moisturize and seal the scales of each strand of combed hair and prevent weather-related damage such as temperature, wind, and rain.

4. Natural Hair Conditioner

Because of its high concentration of nutrients, wheat germ oil can use like any other cosmetic product. It is even the perfect replacement of the conditioners available on the market.

The grease contained in this oil allows the knots of the hair to disentangle, without damaging or breaking the hair fibers easily.

5. Treat Split Ends

Although it is not possible to completely overcome split ends, wheat germ oil can prevent the growth of hair forks.

It can achieve due to the vitamin complex it has, which also acts to repair the damage to the hair.

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