Using Pineapple Juice to Reduce Swelling After Dental Surgery – Dr. Joe Nemeth Explains

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Recently, a video claiming that pineapple juice could reduce swelling after dental surgery went viral on TikTok. Dr. Joe Nemeth, a periodontist from Southfield, Michigan, decided to take a closer look at this claim and see if it was true or false.

Bromelain and Dental Surgery

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that can help reduce swelling and bruising following dental surgery. While most dental procedures don’t typically result in much swelling, more involved cases may benefit from bromelain’s anti-inflammatory properties.

As such, Dr. Nemeth and his team give bromelain to their patients after surgery in order to reduce any potential inflammation or swelling associated with the procedure.

The Benefits of Pineapple Juice

It is possible to get bromelain from drinking pineapple juice, however some juices contain other ingredients which may interfere with the effectiveness of the bromelain enzyme.

For this reason, Dr. Nemeth prefers to administer a more concentrated form of bromelain when treating patients who have undergone more complicated surgeries.


Dental surgery is never an easy process but if you must undergo it then you might as well minimize any potential bruising or swelling afterwards!

Bromelain can be used to do just that–so before making your next appointment be sure to subscribe to Dr. Nemeth’s YouTube channel for helpful reminders about how you can stay informed and healthy!

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