Exercises To Stay Strong And Healthy


Top 5 Exercises To Stay Strong And Healthy

Melanie Yates

Exercises To Stay Strong And Healthy

It is a wrong conception that exercises are meant for athlete and sports personalities, exercises are indeed meant for everybody wanting to stay fit and healthy and to stay in good health. One need for perform severe breath taking exercises or attend the gym frequently, but carry out simple yet effective exercises to stay strong and healthy.

Most effective workout does not mandate the gym scene but still could work wonders for the health, they help to maintain weight under control, enhance balance and range of motion, protects the joints, strengthens bones and prevent most of the problems in the body.

Exercises To Stay Strong And Healthy

The following five exercises that are meant to keep an individual healthy and strong could be performed by anybody irrespective of their age and fitness level.

1. Swimming:

Swimming is one of the most perfect and complete workouts as the buoyancy of water supports the body perfectly and wards of strain and pain from joints, helping one to use them more swiftly and fluidly.

It has been proved that swimming is the best exercise for those with arthritis. It also helps to enhance mental state, outs one in a better mood burns excess calories and tones up the body.

2. Strength training exercises:

Muscles also help in burning calories, lifting weights in strength training would not build up the muscles, but would help to keep them strong.

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More the muscles in the body more are the calorie burnt and weight management also becomes easy. Strength training helps build concentration if paced and performed properly.

3. Cardio:

Cardio exercises such as walking and jogging are powerful forms that help an individual stay trim and slim. It helps to improve blood cholesterol levels, checks blood pressure periodically, strengthens bones and enhances the mood of the individual.

Cardio exercises decrease the risk of metabolic disorders and enhance memory and concentration.  Performing cardio in fresh air is good for the lungs and is a mood enhancer as well.

4. Martial arts:

A number of Chinese martial arts such as Tai-Chi incorporated a number of movements that are to be performed with utmost concentration and are thus good for the body and the mind. These martial arts are indeed known as meditation when one is in motion.

This art form comprises a series of movements that transit smoothly one after the other and are meant for people of all ages and fitness levels. They are particularly good for people of older ages as it helps improve balance. Tai chi classes are available in most of the health clubs, community centers, and young men associations.

5. Yoga:

Yoga comprises of traditional techniques that helps to coordinate body, mind and the spirit. Some of the yoga asanas involve complex twists and turns that are good for the muscles and the body. They are also excellent fat burners as they are performed early in the morning and regular yoga sessions would leave a person healthy and strong.

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Not all kind of physical activity such as dancing, racking the yard, regular kitchen works be considered as exercise. It should typically involve physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day to benefit health.

Top 5 Exercises To Stay Healthier and Stronger

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