top 5 yoga poses for weight loss

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Top 5 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Susan Wagner

top 5 yoga poses for weight loss

Yoga has long been considered as a stress buster, but truly it is the most effective workout module that helps to ward off stubborn fat stores. Yoga could be used for weight loss as studies reveal that it decreases level of stress hormones and enhances insulin sensitivity which is a signal to the body to burn stored up fat. Following are the list of yoga poses for weight loss as it would firm up almost all portions of the body such as legs, arms and abdomen.

Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

1. Warrior Pose
  • In this yoga posture, the individual need to stand up straight with legs apart.
  • Bring the hands above the head and then stretch them.
  • Join the hands in a Namaste posture and turn the chest towards right side.
  • Right knee has to be bending slightly to stretch the abdomens as much as possible.
  • The following posture has to be repeated in the left side as well and this posture would help tighten the muscles and tone legs offering excellent body strength.
2. Chair Pose

This yoga Sana is indeed a chair posture in the air and needs a good stamina, pain could be felt in the back and legs for the first few days of practice, but with regular practice one would gain stamina and flexibility.

  • Feet is to be kept together and hands above the head.
  • Then stretch them and bend knees a slight, one has to endure in this position for a minute though it is tough to hold this position.
  • This pose would tone down the thighs and wards off the fat off the tummy.
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3. Boat Pose

To start with this posture, one has to sit on an exercise mat and stretch your legs as much as possible.

  • Knees should be pulled straight up and thighs to be kept tight while toes are pointed out.
  • Feet have to be raised off the floor and legs are to be brought at an angle of 45 degree.
  • Spine has to be kept straight and body should remain in V-shape.
  • This pose would enhance the endurance and also helps to cut down the belly fat.
  • It also endured stamina in both upper and lower body.
4. Bridge Pose
  • To perform bridge pose, you need to lie on the back and bend the knees.
  • Feet should be on the floor and hands to be placed on the floor with palms straight.
  • Hips have to be lifted from the floor and body balance is to be attained with the help of hands and feet.
  • This pose endures muscle strength and decreases body fat.
5. Camel Pose
  • To attain this pose, you need to sit on the feet with calves and knees close with each other.
  • Bend down to the knees & place hands over the hips.
  • Body has to be stretched to look above.
  • The person has to hold the heels gradually, one after the other, then bend backward and stretch out the torso and abdomen to sense the weight in the arms.
  • This is one of the best positions to melt accumulated fat of the body.

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