how to use tomatoes for weight loss


How To Use Tomatoes For Weight Loss

Kristina Rodulfo

how to use tomatoes for weight loss

Tomatoes are natural ingredients commonly used in beauty and health promotion. It is also a kind of fruit support to keep fit for women. Learn how to use tomatoes for weight loss.

Nutritional content of tomatoes is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, C, …), plenty of water and fiber while the calories are very low (30 calories / 200g tomatoes). Therefore, this is the top food that should put on the weight loss menu at home.

Not only that, but tomatoes also help to effectively cleanse the intestinal tract by absorbing fat and waste in the intestines, helping to remove them from the body. Therefore, those who are suffering from obesity should not ignore this fruit.

Also, one of the other familiar benefits of chrysanthemum is the beauty of the skin. With so many vitamins, not too surprised that tomatoes can “magic” to your skin more smooth and rosy.

To Use Tomatoes For Weight Loss

From the benefits of the above, everyone would want to enjoy a glass of smoothie or tomato juice for a healthy body and skin. Let’s remember how to use tomatoes for weight loss effective at home!

1. Tomato and lemon smoothie


  • Main tomato (depending on each person)
  • Fresh lemons
  • Condensed milk
  • Ice cubes


  • Cut and put tomatoes in boiling water for 2 minutes to peel more easily.
  • It is a step to help you have a smooth, delicious and nutritious baby if you drink it.
  • If you want to mix carrots, the same process.
  • Squeeze lime juice (remove seeds).
  • The amount of juice depends on the taste of the sweet or sour of each person.
  • Do not roll lemon before squeezing to avoid bitter water, affecting the taste of vitamins.
  • Chop peeled tomatoes, mixed with condensed milk and lemon juice.
  • Bring the mixture to grind, add the ice cubes when grinding.
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2. Tomato, ginger and celery smoothie


  • 250 ml tomato juice
  • Lemon juice (prepared as the first vitamin)
  • Ginger powder and pepper (depending on taste)
  • Celery


  • Add tomato juice, lime juice, ginger powder and pepper to the mashed potatoes, add ice or add ice cubes when drinking.
  • Pour the mixture into glasses, decorate your hands and then enjoy.


  • Drink 3 cups a day after meals.
  • It is possible to make more to drink gradually by preserving in the refrigerator (max two days).
  • In addition to taking vitamins, you can eat raw tomatoes or juice to drink every day.
  • Each time you should consume about two tomatoes (equivalent to 12 tomatoes).

Some Rules When Using Tomatoes For Weight Loss

Use after meals:

Do not rush to lose weight but force yourself to eat tomatoes arbitrarily. Many people think that it is possible to take advantage of this fruit before meals to get the best slim figure. However, this is a bad habit for the stomach and digestive tract.

You should eat after meals to reduce the amount of acid, avoid unpleasant feelings, eat not delicious. Especially those who are suffering from gastric ulcer, cholecystitis or pancreatitis must pay attention to this point.

Combining science activities

Dieting with tomatoes will help you lose weight effectively, but you also need to build a science-based diet. Exercise daily and get plenty of sleep to maintain your body shape and improve your health.

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