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7 Best Tips For Dying Hair At Home

Sara Kettler

Hair is a natural accessory that characterizes women. Therefore, take care and look healthy is a daily task that must assume responsibly. To create a beauty routine, it is essential to have quality products, especially when dye your hair at home. Here we’ll let you know tips for dying hair at home.

To change the look, speaking of the hair tone, some steps must take into account to obtain professional results without having to leave the house, and without mistreating the hair in the process.

To begin, it is necessary to consider what are the conditions of the hair, that is: if other chemicals have applied previously or if it is the first time the tone is modifying or even if you are pregnant.


In the case of people who have previously dyed their hair, there is a risk of obtaining nuances different from those expected, since each organism assimilates the different color: such is the case of those that maintain dark tones and wish to change it for one more colors. These should consider the possibility of repeating the procedure several times until obtaining the desired color.

Group Of Tips For Dying Hair At Home

Steps to consider when dying hair at home without damage:

1. The Right Amount Of Dye

The first step to dye your hair at home is the purchase of dyes . The amount will depend on the volume of hair you have. Since a person with short hair may need up to two units, while those who enjoy long hair, require 3 or more. For this, you should not skimp on the material. It is an investment that will offer incredible results.

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2. A Suitable Tone

Dyeing the hair at home is ideal when the same color is maintaining or when a change is made two shades up or two down. But, if you want to make a drastic change, either very dark or very light, the recommended is to attend a beauty center to avoid hair damage.

3. Dirty Hair

To avoid damage to the scalp, it is recommended to apply the dyes when the hair is dirty. In this way, accumulated fat functions as a protective “layer” that prevents injuries.

4. Protect The Home And Skin

Chemicals for painting hair can create chaos in the home. Therefore, it is recommended to cover spaces such as carpets and tables. The same happens with clothes. For this occasion, it is best to use clothes in “bad condition” that can stain without problems.

In the case of the skin, it is best to place areas where the dye may fall, so that if it applied in some wrong place, it could remove easily. For example the edges of the forehead, ears, neck, and nape.

Also, you have to wear gloves. These usually come in dye boxes. If they do not contain them, you can use any type, whether latex or rubber to give the skin a protective layer. If they are not used, the hands will be stained, and it will be difficult to remove the residues.

5. Everything At Hand

Once the procedure started, there is no going back, so you should have a hairdressing kit on hand. Among them, a comb to manipulate the hair, a bowl for mixing the dye, a brush, peroxide, a watch to wear time, a hair cap and pincer grippers.

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Other recommendations that you should take into account when dying hair at home

6. When dying hair at home, it is ideal to maintain an application routine so that all the hair is uniform. It consists of applying the dye from the middle to the tips with the abundant mixture.

After doing so, it is recommended to wrap the areas with plastic paint. Additionally, heat may apply to accelerate the procedure.

7. One way to care for hair is to avoid exceeding the time spent with the dye put. Otherwise, it can be harmful, since the chemical can burn if it lasts longer than adequate.

Therefore, you should have a timer at hand and go verifying the process to see if you have had the expected result, then wash it with plenty of water. If by chance the clothes will get stained, you can rinse with lemon juice for 5 minutes.

Changing hair tone is an excellent decision. Finally, hair gives personality to women, and dying can help each woman to discover her essence and the way she wants to express herself in front of the world.

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