therapeutic teas that should drink every woman


10 Therapeutic Teas That Should Drink Every Woman

Melanie Yates

therapeutic teas that should drink every woman

Therapeutic teas are most relaxing and gentle when consumed. It keeps our body intact and stimulates hormones. In fact our mood keeps well as digestion gets in line. Today we want to introduce some teas that every woman should have without fail.

It’s a known fact that tea bags from the supermarket often contain artificial flavors. We recommend buying organic and loose dried herbs for preparing a tea infuser. This will help you to know exactly what goes into each cup.

  1. Mint Tea
    • This should be available in every household. Mint is an ideal herb known for its soothing effect on the digestive system. It works when your stomach does not stop grumbling, or you suffer from bloating.
    • Mint also works superbly when consumed in direct. It stops bad breath and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mouth.
    • The active component, menthol can relieve colds or flu symptoms. It works to expel the mucus from the chest.
    • A blend of peppermint, fennel, and ginger is also great for nausea.
  1. Ginger Tea
    • Did your parents give ginger tea to drink earlier when you were sick? Ginger is one of the most ancient herbs. Its medicinal skills bring n number of benefits.
    • Dried ginger or the fresh root is an excellent remedy for a cough and sore throat.
    • It may also reduce nausea and the symptoms of motion sickness.
    • Ginger tea strengthens your immune system. It acts as a precaution so that you’re prepared for the next cold wave.Recipe: To brew tea from a fresh ginger root, you need an approximately thumb-sized piece of ginger.
      Rub into a cup and pour hot water. Add a little honey and squeeze a complete lemon.
  2. Chaga Tea
    • This fantastic tea is from mushrooms growing on birch trees.
    • Found in the northern part of North America and Northern Europe, this tea tastes sweet and earthy. It tastes like maple sap.
    • Chaga tea enhances the immune system and has anti-cancer benefits.
    • That is why it is a good idea to take preventative drink Chaga tea.
  3. Raspberry Leaf Tea
    • This tea loaded with vitamin C and phenol. These are useful for women’s health. Drinking this tea helps to relieve menstrual cramps and relax the uterus.Recipe: Add a few teaspoons of dried raspberry leaves in a tea infuser pour hot water and let it rest for 10 minutes. The tea has a pleasant, mild, sweet taste.
  4. Dandelion Root Tea
    • The sharp, earthy and bitter taste of dandelion root tea makes this a great alternative to coffee.
    • Dandelion supports the bile production. Thus it is a good choice if you are suffering from digestive problems or constipation.Recipe: Place the dried root for 10 to 15 minutes in a covered glass with hot water. Consume it then.
  5. Chamomile Tea
    • Chamomile tea is the quintessence of calm.
    • It is the best before bedtime drink chamomile tea to relax.
    • Chamomile tea is also a tremendous anti-stress and helps to relieve anxiety.
  6. Green Tea
    • With the right amount of caffeine, green tea is ideal for a small energy boost in the morning.
    • It is full of antioxidants that help to repair cell damage and leave your skin look younger.
    • It reduces the chance of sunburn when applied the compressor of green tea in affected areas.
  7. Lemon Tea
    • Ancient Greeks used this fragrant tea. It acts as a health tonic to regain stamina and health.
    • Lemon balm tea helps against viruses and promotes a healthy digestive system.
    • It fights against stress and can serve as a natural sleep aid.
    • Lemon balm is also natural to grow.
  8. Chai Tea
    • Full warming spices This tea is perfect for the cold season.
    • Ready-made Chai tea is also available else, or you are creating your version.
    • Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and black tea, are vital ingredients to make it.
    • The caffeine-free version, Rooibos Chai, can also be drunk at night. With a little raw honey, you can tame your sugar cravings with this tea.
  9. Brennesseltee
    • Brennesseltee helps to fight against seasonal allergies. Especially when combined with raw honey it works better.
    • All in all, Brennesseltee a great way to strengthen your immune system.
    • It prevents colds and flu viruses.
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