How To Use Sugar Wax For Hair Removal, Beauty Vigour


How To Use Sugar Wax For Hair Removal

Sara Kettler

How To Use Sugar Wax For Hair Removal, Beauty Vigour

Sugar wax hair removal method is excellent for hair removal at home. Sugar wax hair removal is simple to make and as good as the industrialized waxes, managing to remove the hairs by the root.

An excellent tip to facilitate waxing and to make it less painful is to put a little talcum powder before hair removal because the talc prevents the wax from sticking too tightly into the skin, sticking only in the hairs, reducing pain and irritation of the wax.

This wax can use in any area of the body and can store in a glass container with a lid. When solidifying, directly heat again in water and check the temperature before use.

Sugar Wax Hair Removal Method


  • 4 cups white refined sugar
  • 1 cup pure lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoons water


  • Put all the components in a pan and turn on the medium heat for about 20 minutes.
  • After that stir the mixture into the pan until it looks like caramel.
  • To find out if the wax is on the right spot, put 1 scoop of water on a dessert plate and then place a half spoon of the wax on this dish and watch the sides begin to rise and check with the index finger and thumb the wax of the dish is pulling.
  • If it is still not pulling, continue the low heat for a few more minutes until the wax is in the right spot.
  • The amount of water depends on the humidity of the air or the ambient heat, so add water gradually to check for the correct consistency of the wax.
  • Let the wax cool down completely and then add a few drops of lemon and let the low heat to re-dilute.
  • Then wax the wax into a container and bring it to the microwave to heat, so that it is at the point to use.
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Applying Sugar Wax For Hair Removal
  • Apply a thin layer of warm wax in the direction of hair length using a spatula or popsicle stick and then wax paper and then pull it counterclockwise.
  • To remove wax debris that may be on the skin, you can try to remove it with the waxing paper or wash the skin with water.

Another way to eliminate undesirable hair from regions such as the cheek, groin, armpit, and legs is to do the laser hair removal because it can eliminate the hairs, preventing their growth. Although it is a more expensive initial investment, laser hair removal is more economical in the long run and also eliminates 90% of hair, and so you do not have to worry about hair removal every month.

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