10 tips to stimulate hair growth

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10 Tips to Stimulate Hair Growth

Melanie Yates

10 tips to stimulate hair growth

Long, lush, healthy hair is the desire many women have, but only a few achieve. This is due to lack of care taken by us. Giving adequate hydration to hair stimulates hair growth. If this is your case, be aware of the simple but useful tips to stimulate hair growth. It keeps them healthy and beautiful.

Hair usually takes time to grow, and this ends up bothering many women who want their long and bulky locks. According to experts, the hair grows, on average, one centimeter per month. It can be either plus or minus 12 centimeters per year.

There are products to stimulate hair growth that act to strengthen the hair and treats hair loss.

Listed below are few tips that help hair grow faster and healthier. Write down what to do to stimulate hair growth!

1. Do not wash your hair every day

By washing your hair every day, you will stimulate it to fall faster. The aggressiveness of the shampoo damages the scalp and yarn.

2.Cut the tips

It is a recommendation that rarely put into practice. Cutting the battered tips every three months on average is a useful trick. It stimulates the growth of new yarns, as well as helping to regenerate what is a little dry. It also helps to prevent the damage extending to the root.

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3. Avoid excessive use of chemicals in the hair

Few conditioners and shampoos contain lots of chemicals. So these products can harm the strands of your hair. Herbal products are better ones.

4.Take vitamins

Often, hair loss is due to the deficiency of vitamins in the body. For healthy hair, vitamin supplements with vitamins A, B (B3, B5, and B6), C and E are good.

5. Have a healthy diet

Diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats helps in stimulating hair cell growth.

6. Massage the scalp

When washing your hair, take the time to massage the entire scalp with your fingertips. It helps to increase local blood circulation favoring hair growth. On days that you do not wash your hair, try combing them for a few good minutes to get the same effect on the circulation.

7. Proper use of conditioner

It is important not to put conditioner in the root. This hinders the blood circulation in the scalp and the growth of the wires. Hence use conditioner only in the ends of the hair.

8. Avoid wearing caps

The habit of wearing hats and caps can stifle the root of the hair. Thereby it hampers its growth besides increasing the risk of developing fungi.

9. Hydrate the wires once a week

Wearing a proper mask for your hair type is essential. It helps your hair to grow in more beautiful and does not get damaged.

10. Take warm baths

Take warm baths, sleep with wet hair, hold damp hair, leave excess creams, masks on the hair, smoke. Avoid very hot bath.

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