Benefits of Skipping Rope to Lose Weight

Benefits of Skipping Rope to Lose Weight

Let’s jump rope to lose weight? That’s it! The joke that you loved as a child can be a great ally to burn fat. It is, in fact, a good outlet for those who do not have so much time for the most common practices. Besides fun, it brings health and fitness benefits but requires specific care.

Exercise works the muscles of the body, especially the glutes and the muscles of the legs. Thus for slimming down, the benefits of skipping rope may be even more amazing:

  • Tune the silhouette
  • Increased balance, rhythm, motor coordination and agility
  • The legs and butt gets toned with softened cellulite
  • Health will receive a large positive gain

Jumping rope is a high calorie burning aerobic exercise. It is on the list of the most effective fast weight loss exercises. 20 minutes of exercising a day are enough to achieve satisfactory weight loss. If combined with a balanced diet, focused on liquids and vegetables, the weight loss can reach 4 kg in 15 days.

But to get there, it takes a lot of effort and sweat. After all, this exercise is not a small one but depending on the pace skipping rope to slim down can be very intense. Below listed are few tips before you start skipping.

1. Do not skip the warm-up

Do not start the exercise in haste. Before starting jump rope training a warm-up:

The best way to start is one-minute jumping and one minute resting. Increasing your heart rate in slow will prepare the body for the most intense jumps. To warm your arms, swing the rope over your head, tapping the rope, and run over it, without jumping.

2. Suitable shoe

It is of real importance to wear comfortable and suitable sneakers. The most suitable are running shoes. They provide cushioning and stability in the footprint.

3. Dynamic Exercises

According to the individuality of each one, it is possible to elaborate training to jump rope. Alternate strength exercises and aerobics can be the blend. Here’s an example:

  • Start with a light, 5-minute walk;
  • Jump rope fast for 30 seconds;
  • Do 5 squats;
  • Repeat this process 8 to 10 times;
  • If necessary, make intervals of 10 to 20 seconds between sets.

Jumping rope is easy, inexpensive and very efficient. Anyone who has leg joints, high blood pressure or is overweight..should seek medical advice before starting to jump rope.

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