10 Signs of Kidney Problem, Beauty Vigour

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10 Signs of Kidney Problem

Sara Kettler

10 Signs of Kidney Problem, Beauty Vigour

Our bodies have a variety of essential organs and need to be well preserved. In addition to the heart and liver, the kidneys also have an essential function for the body. The kidneys function to filter the blood that flows from the entire body. In the screening process, the kidneys will separate the toxins, regulate the electrolyte balance and control the fluid balance in the body.

However, if you experience some of the signs below, there could be a problem with the kidneys. Here are some signs you should know.

Signs of Kidney Problem

1. Difficulty sleeping

When your kidneys are not functioning correctly, toxins in the body cannot excrete through the urine and will remain in the blood. It will make you difficult to sleep because the level of toxins in the body will increase. People with chronic kidney disease can suffer from sleep apnea or severe sleep disorders where breathing often stops during sleep.

2. Natural limp, headache and drowsiness

Healthy and functioning kidneys can alter vitamin D in the body to maintain healthy bones and produce the hormone Erythropoietin (EPO). This hormone acts to produce red blood cells. When the kidneys do not work correctly, then the hormone EPO will be less resulting in fatigue in the muscles and brain. People with chronic kidney disease also have anemia.

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3. Dry and itchy skin

What one of the kidney signs is not working is itchy and dry skin. It is because the balance of minerals and nutrients is not well preserved. If the skin feels itchy and dry, drink plenty of water before consulting a doctor.

4. Bad breath

Another symptom that indicates there is a problem with the kidneys is bad breath. It happens because a lot of toxins and contamination in the bloodstream cannot filter properly in the kidneys.

5. Shortness of breath

Two factors cause the relationship between kidney disease and shortness of breath. First, extra fluids in the body move to the lungs when the kidneys are not functioning correctly. Second is anemia, which can eliminate body oxygen and cause shortness of breath. If you often have difficulty breathing, try to see a doctor immediately.

6. Swelling in certain parts

Kidney problems cannot remove extra fluid from the body to the maximum. As a result, there is swelling of the ankles, feet, and hands. However, swelling of the lower body may also indicate heart disease, liver or blood vessel problems. So, immediately do a check to find out the cause.

7. Pain in the back

Kidney failure can also make the pain in the back of the rear, precisely under the ribs. This pain can feel in the groin or hip area. Usually, this backache accompanied by vomiting, high body temperature, and frequent urination.

8. Swelling around the eye area

The initial sign when the kidney filter system damaged in the presence of protein in the urine. It can cause swelling around the eye area.

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9. High blood pressure

The circulatory system and kidneys in the body are interdependent with each other. In the kidneys, there is a little nephron that filters out waste and extra fluid from the blood. When the blood vessels are damaged, the nephrons that filter the blood do not get enough oxygen and nutrients. It makes the blood pressure high.

10. Changing urine time

If you usually urinate with frequency 4-10 times a day is still normal. However, if it starts more than 10 times, smelly, there is blood and foam and dark color, it could be your kidney problem.

So, immediately check and consult a doctor if you feel some of the above symptoms.

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