7 Days Detox Diet, Beauty Vigour


7 Days Detox Diet

Vickie Glosson

7 Days Detox Diet, Beauty Vigour

Detox diet plan is especially relevant for those who can not give time for physical activity.

Such a diet should include all the substances necessary for the body. We offer a seven-day detox diet that will help you to lose 5-6 kg per week without a painful sense of hunger. It helps to purify the toxins so that the food consumed will contribute to an active burning of calories.

The caloric content of food is not predominant. A set of excess weight and loss of form is since the metabolism gets disturbed. Accumulation of toxins in the body disrupts metabolism. There may be several reasons for this: inadequate nutrition. The predominance of refined carbohydrates, which is a massive supply of chemical components. They get crammed with many food products to date. Our body does not have infinite resources for removing all this garbage. As a result, waste accumulates in cells and tissues. Thereby it slows down metabolism and affects health.

Such a cleansing detox diet arranged with the frequency that is convenient for you. During this time, it is necessary to refrain from drinking alcohol. Also drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

Day 1

Intake only fruit – in any quantity and any kind, except bananas. It is especially recommended to lean on watermelon. This day prepares the body for the later days of the diet.

Day 2

The second day should begin with a large baked potato. It will provide the body with complex carbohydrates. Until the end of the day, eat vegetables – any kind and in any quantity.

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Day 3

During the third day, eat vegetables and fruits of all kinds and in any quantity. Avoid bananas and potatoes. This day prepares the body for burning fat during the following days of the diet.

Day 4

During this day, eat eight bananas and drink 3 cups of milk. In this way, you will make up supplies of potassium and sodium.

Day 5

During the fifth day, eat 300 grams lean meat and six tomatoes. Watch for enough water intake in the body. On the fifth day of the diet, the body begins to get rid of uric acid.

Day 6

During the sixth day, you can eat lean meat and raw vegetables in any quantity.

Day 7

The menu of the seventh day should consist of brown rice, fruit, and vegetables in any quantity.

Please do not follow this diet plan if you have some obvious health issues.

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