Say Goodbye to Headaches: Quick Relief in 30 SECONDS!, Beauty Vigour


Say Goodbye to Headaches: Quick Relief in 30 SECONDS!

Sara Kettler

Say Goodbye to Headaches: Quick Relief in 30 SECONDS!, Beauty Vigour


Do you suffer from headaches and tension? Dr. Rowe from Spike in Saint Joseph Michigan has the answer – headache relief in just 30 seconds with a simple three-step process that can be done at home or work without any special equipment!

Part 1: Stretching Exercises

To reduce tension headaches, we need to target the spots and muscles that cause them. Suboccipital muscles, located at the base of the skull, are often irritated by activities such as using cell phones, driving, and working on computers. Here’s an easy stretching exercise to do while sitting with good posture:

  • Make a fist with your left hand and place it on your chin
  • Take your right hand and place it on top of your head
  • Press into your chin with your fist; pull down with the right hand for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 3-5 times for best results

Part 2: Muscle Knots & Spasms

Another stretching exercise can help reduce muscle knots, spasms, and trigger points in the neck and upper back area which can lead to tension headaches. This one is also suitable for sitting or standing:

  • Place two fingers on your chin; tuck chin towards chest
  • Interlock knuckles of both hands; place them on top of head
  • Try to take chin down further to stretch neck
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Part 3: Traction

To open up the neck and upper back area let’s use traction (or pulling motions) to relieve pressure and tension related to headaches. Again this works while sitting or standing:

  • Place hands on temples; tilt head sideways
  • Gently pull head towards opposite shoulder
  • Repeat on other side


In just 30 seconds you can significantly reduce tension headache symptoms! Remember always go at your own comfort level when repeating these exercises 3-5 times for best results.


How often should I do these stretching exercises to relieve headaches?

It's best to do these exercises as needed when you feel a headache coming on, or when you're experiencing tension in the neck and upper back. You can also incorporate them into your daily routine to help prevent headaches.

Can these exercises also help with migraines?

These exercises may provide some relief for tension headaches, but they may not be as effective for migraines. If you are experiencing migraines, it's important to speak with a healthcare professional for specific treatment options.

Are these exercises safe for people with neck or back injuries?

As with any physical activity, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new exercise routine, especially if you have a pre-existing injury. They can help you determine which exercises are safe for you.

Are there any other ways to relieve headaches besides stretching exercises?

Yes, other ways to relieve headaches include taking over-the-counter pain medication, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, practicing stress-reducing techniques such as yoga or meditation, and avoiding triggers such as certain foods or environmental factors.

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