30 Day Routine To Get Perfect Buttocks, Beauty Vigour


30 Day Routine To Get Perfect Buttocks

Sara Kettler

30 Day Routine To Get Perfect Buttocks, Beauty Vigour

Having perfect buttocks is the dream of many women. With dedication, discipline, and effort, you can have the desirable “butt” that you so desire. And of course, you may wonder what to do to have them? Well, follow this 30 day routine to get perfect buttocks to achieve your goal.

It is logical that at first, you feel that the routine that we will show you below seems somewhat tricky, but do not worry, you will quickly get used to it and master the practice.

For gaining muscle mass and increase the size of your buttocks, it is necessary to work with weight. Doing the exercises with your weight will help you start to gain physical condition but not to make your buttocks muscles sprout.

How To Prepare Yourself Before Starting This Routine

How is this routine designed to do at home? We know that you do not have a barbell to do the exercises, but do not worry, there is an excellent trick to make your weight. For this you will need:

Take an empty backpack that you don’t use.

Look for heavy objects that you can put inside the backpack, and the most suitable are books and food packages (rice or sugar).
You must use a weight with which you can support up to 10 repetitions if you can do 20 or more repetitions continue adding weight until you get it.

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Ready, your external weight is ready, but you need a suitable space to work. You must get something fixed where you can lean to do the elevations. The bed, a chair, or the sofa, while well supported by a wall, will serve. If you already have it, then we are ready to start with the first routine.

Important: At each hip lift, you must squeeze the booty. It is that movement that will guarantee the success of this challenge. Also, between each repetition, you must rest a minute to regain strength and continue. Do four sets of 10 repetitions with each of the four exercises below.

30 Day Routine To Get Perfect Buttocks

1. Hip Thrust
  • Sit with your back against your furniture with your feet flat on the floor, slightly apart, and your knees bent towards your chest.
  • Place the weight on the belly, if necessary, hold it with one hand, and the other place it behind the head.
  • Push the hip up, as if you were doing the bridge posture, and return to the starting position.
2. Sumo Squats
  • In these squats, you will spread your legs a little more sideways.
  • Take your weight with your arms outstretched and lower and climb up to do the squats.
3. Kneeling Squats
  • Sit on your calves to complete the squats.
  • Go up and down, carrying the weight on your center, so you can hang your backpack forward or hold it with your arms.
4. Push Your Hip With One Leg
  • You will repeat the first exercise, but this time, you will manage to keep a leg suspended while going up and down.
  • Put both hands behind the head since the raised leg will help you support the weight.
  • Here in each series, you will make 10 with one leg and 10 with the other.
  • In total, you will climb 80 times.
  • It sounds hard, but it will be worth it at the end of the challenge.
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