How to Relieve Ear Infections Naturally, Beauty Vigour


How to Relieve Ear Infections Naturally

Kristina Rodulfo

How to Relieve Ear Infections Naturally, Beauty Vigour

The ear infections can be very painful. The common causes are colds and other viral infections, inflammation of the adenoids, ear cleaning, the ears covered with wax or water, among others.

To Relieve Ear Infections Naturally

Warm Compresses

Apply a warm compress on the infected ear once a day. Applying heat to the ear can help to loosen any accumulated fluid. It can also reduce the pain and pressure associated with the infection. Cover with a towel or other thick cloth. Leave the hot pack in the ear for thirty minutes.

Garlic oil

Pour garlic oil into the infected ear with a dropper. Garlic has an active ingredient called allicin that acts as a natural antibiotic. Put two or three drops of garlic oil in the infected ear twice a day. You can also use garlic oil capsules. Break a capsule in half and pour the liquid into the infected carefully.

Tea tree oil

Pour drops of tea tree oil into the infected ear. Tea tree oil can reduce the pain associated with infection and contains antiseptic properties, being a natural antibiotic that can help to reduce infection. Use a clean dropper, place two drops of tea tree oil in the infected ear twice a day.


Apply a compress of warm salt to the infected ear. Heat a cup of iodized salt in a microwave oven. Put the salt in a clean cloth and apply to the infected ear. Make sure the fabric has no holes before applying and leave it on the ear for about thirty minutes. The hot salt removes the accumulated liquid in the infected ear little by little

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