TipsTo Reduce Tummy Weight

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Top 10 TipsTo Reduce Tummy Weight

Beth Mole

TipsTo Reduce Tummy Weight

Reducing tummy fat without having to work hard is the most common concern in most people’s mind. Fact is belly fat is not just the most dangerous type of fat but is also quite difficult to reduce. Large waist lines are indicators of impending disease and stress seems to be the primary culprit behind this. These ten simple and effective steps would help to reduce tummy weight and does not involve much hard work as well.

10 Ways To Reduce Tummy Weight

1. Count the calories

On a daily basis we include a number of calories in our daily routine without knowledge. Mindless eating is the secret of piling on pounds. Count on toppings, dressings, appetizers and canned fruit juices also for calories. Ensure to cut down these unwanted calories from diet.

2. Plan the diet

Ensure that every meal you plan is composed of fruits and vegetables include greens and fibers on a daily basis. Consider healthy sources of fat such as peanuts, avocados, almonds etc. be sure not to get deviated from this diet and substitute carbohydrate content in diet with proteins.

3. Fight stress

Stress enhances cortisol levels in blood that destructs lean muscle mass in the body. These hormones make it difficult to fight tummy fat and they help in building more fat in the body, especially at the abdominal cavity.

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4. Grab enough sleep

When there is sleep deprivation, one gets sluggish which motivates them to overeat. It is important to maintain at least 8 hours sleep a sleep. Keep electronic gadgets at bay at night for the mind and body to relax.

5. Cleanse with water

When enough water is not consumed, body holds the water which results in bloating and unnecessary weight gain. Cleanse the body off its toxins to get a flatter tummy. Apart from considering plain water, fruits rich in water content such as melons, oranges and peaches could also be considered.

6. Avoid junks

To get a flat tummy without workout and exercising, it is important to burn more calories therefore avoid fatty foods and junks which only contribute for additional calorie content. Substitute them with foods rich in calories that fill the tummy and takes longer time to digest.

7. Monitor portion sizes

Eat three meals a day but eat smaller ones. Eat in small portions and eat frequently with smaller portion size. Fill the plate with vegetables as it gets the tummy full and enhances the speed of metabolism.

8. Cut down on salt

Salt is a major culprit behind a bloated tummy as salt enhances water retention. Monitor salt intake on a daily basis and drink more water to flush off salt from the body.

9. Avoid alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and nicotine promote weight gain. Refrain from both of them for a flatter tummy, and they are not generally good for health as well.

10. Include little physical activity wherever possible

Physical activity need not be jogging or hitting the gym, but simple activities such as using stairs instead of lift, little household chores, walk to the grocery shop are simple activities that mean a lot in terms of flat tummy.

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