Pilates Ab Exercises


5 Best Pilates Ab Exercises

Sara Kettler

Pilates Ab Exercises

Do you want to have a flat and marked abdomen, but do not feel like going to the gym? Follow our pilates ab exercises to tone your abdomen at home.

The abdomen is one of the body areas that are hardest to keep at bay, so we have a perfect pilates routine with which you can mark your abs in the morning in your room.

As you know, Pilates is an exercise that will help you tone the body and have a strong abdominal and lumbar area, as these exercises strengthen the deeper muscles, which is the basis for the most surface area to be more toned and ready to show off in the summer.

5 Pilates Ab Exercises

Write down this session and, doing it little by little, you will achieve the goal of having a dreamy six-pack. The exercises must do at least three times and in a series of 20 repetitions.

1. Exercise “the 100”

  • Lying on your back, raise your legs to 90 degrees and stuck your back to the floor, raise your arms to your sides.
  • Inhale and exhale, contract the abdominal area, raise the body and move the arms in small movements up and down, 100 times.
  • Do not forget to have firm arms, as well as doing abdominals you will work your arms.
  • Repeat the exercise 100 times.

2. Toe Tap

  • Stand in the same position as in the previous exercise but bend the legs, leaving the quadriceps perpendicular to the floor.
  • Inhale and when you exhale, contract the abdominal area and, keeping your back entirely stuck to the ground, touch the tips of your fingers to the ground. If you find it very difficult or your back hurts, make other touches with both feet.
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3. Abdominal Superior

  • Stretch the mouth entirely up, with the arms and the extended legs, inhales and when exhaling, it contracts the abdominal zone and raises at the same time trunk and legs until getting to become a small ball, taking the knees until the chest.
  • Next, stretch the arms and legs until they are one-fourth of the floor, and do the exercise again.

4. Roll Up

  • Lying on your back, extend your legs and arms straight over your head.
  • Inhale and exhale, contract the abdominals and lift yourself rounding your back to get up and stay seated.
  • Then, perform the same exercise in reverse, lowering supporting vertebra by vertebrae back to the ground.

5. Iron-Pyramid

  • Place in an iron position with elbows, with the body and legs aligned.
  • Raise the buttocks upwards until it reaches a pyramid figure and returns to the initial position of the iron.
  • Hold each movement at least 3 seconds.

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