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Parsley Flakes by Pure Organic Ingredients Review

Kristina Rodulfo

Pure brand parsley flakes are wonderful, high-quality dried parsley. Dried parsley can have so many uses.

Medicinal and cuisine alike benefit from parsley and dried parsley not only keeps for quite a while it is also useful in many different things.

            Buying Pure brand ensures that you are getting a quality product. Pure is free of any additives and uses only organic parsley. These are also free from soy, GMO, sugar, salt, dairy, corn, wheat, and yeast.

            Parsley tea is a great way to get the benefits of this super herb. With the high amounts of antioxidants, the high concentrate of vitamins k,c, and a this is a wonderful herb for your health.

This herb also contains a great amount of potassium and twice as much iron as spinach! Using this Pure parsley ensures you get the best product possible.

            This product is available for purchase online at Amazon using the following link:

It can also be purchased at the following link:

Buying this particular item may not be possible in stores. Online may be the only option. These two options are both decently priced for one pound of organic parsley.

            Many happy customers have left some wonderful reviews. With comments like

“All this time, I never knew parsley could be so good! It tastes good. It smells good. Don’t be put off by the bag! It’s resealable, very thick, and durable. You can transfer it to another container but the bag is sturdy :)”

“. I’m glad to find a large amount of organic parsley at an affordable price”


“One of the best herbs to add to your food creations – this item is a large, well-filled bag with closer. This bag is re-usable and works fairly well as a container for storage as well. The flakes have good color and a nice scent. I have purchased this more than once and have not seen any issues so far.”

this product is a must-have for any household looking for a good high-quality parsley flake.

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So all-in-all this is an organic parsley tea worth buying. With its medicinal properties and use in the kitchen, it is a versatile herb.

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