Benefits of Olive Oil with Lemon on an Empty Stomach for Health and Beauty, Beauty Vigour


Benefits of Olive Oil with Lemon on an Empty Stomach for Health and Beauty

Melanie Yates

Benefits of Olive Oil with Lemon on an Empty Stomach for Health and Beauty, Beauty Vigour

For many years, there is a traditional home remedy that consists of taking olive oil with lemon before breakfast, i.e., fasting. This natural remedy is an excellent option, as it contains many medicinal and healing properties.

In this article, we explain to you the different benefits of taking olive oil with lemon on an empty stomach.

How to take olive oil with lemon

The procedure is simple. On an empty stomach, in the morning, take a half spoonful of extra virgin olive oil (between 5 and 7 ml) and add a few drops of lemon juice (5 ml).

Never exceed this dose or take more than one tablespoon daily.

1. Helps to detoxify the body:

It is a natural option to detoxify and purify our body. Since both lemon juice and olive oil act as two powerful detoxifying and cleansing of the body.

It is advisable to drink the mixture at least one hour before breakfast. In this way, you empower the purifying powers of this natural remedy.

2. Cardioprotective effect:

Olive oil loaded with fatty acids. These elements reactivate circulation by eliminating excess bad cholesterol. It is a significant anti-inflammatory and protector that gives us high vitamins.

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3. For high cholesterol:

Whether in the case of high cholesterol or triglycerides, it is a beautiful natural option to reduce high levels of fats in the blood. In the case of cholesterol, this remedy is ideal for reducing LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL (or good cholesterol).

4. Joint or rheumatic problems:

Its secret resides in its anti-inflammatory properties. If you are constant and take it every day on an empty stomach, it will fight the joint pain. It will be excellent to start the day with this “liquid gold.”

5. Helps to relieve constipation:

Olive oil acts as a beautiful natural laxative, mainly when it consume on an empty stomach. It is an excellent natural option to calm and relieve constipation, especially when constipation is mild.

6. For balance of liver and gallbladder:

Many times we feel swollen, heavy, tired and without too much desire for anything. We may have the organism “intoxicated” by a poor diet, or due to some purification problem of the organism. It is a factor caused by the liver and gallbladder overload.

To combat this discomforts nothing better than this spoonful of extra olive oil and lemon. Combining olive oil and lemon has no problem; the important thing is that you start taking it.

7. It is a useful remedy to treat different digestive problems:

It is an ideal home remedy for digestive problems like stomach pain, indigestion, gastric acidity and heavy or slow digestions. Olive oil with lemon is effective against these problems. Its carminative properties help to reduce some symptoms of these digestive disorders.

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Also, it is effective against constipation. Olive oil is a powerful natural laxative that can be very helpful in relieving constipation, mainly if we consume it on an empty stomach.

8. It is an effective treatment for the skin, hair, and nails:
  • Olive oil with lemon is an ideal natural remedy for those who have weak and fragile nails. Thanks to its strengthening properties.
  • Its astringent and antiseptic properties help in combating some skin disorders such as acne and skin pH imbalance.
  • Its high antioxidant content helps to reduce the aging symbols of the skin like wrinkles and dark spots.
  • It is also an ideal remedy for the treatment of dandruff in the hair.

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