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A Review of Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes

Kristina Rodulfo

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Makeups are one of the most important beauty products ever made. These products do not only enhance the beauty and aesthetics of users but also increase the confidence of the wearers. As a result, many people cannot afford to step out without makeup.

However, as it is with many beauty products, makeups are made from chemicals, chemicals that cannot be left on the face for long periods.

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Thus, people who wear makeup have to wash off their faces after some time. While water is usually sufficient for washing off many makeups, some makeups require the use of cleansers.

The process of washing makeup off the face may seem tedious for many people, especially those who use makeup almost every day. For this set of people or anybody who finds the process of washing makeup off stressful, there is a perfect solution in makeup wipes.

Makeup wipes help you remove makeup from your face when you don’t have the strength or time to wash it off your face. Some wipes have the added advantage of clearing impurities and dirt from your face while some add moisture to your skin.

While a makeup wipe should not replace washing your face every day, it surely suffices for situations where you are too tired to wash and the only alternative is to sleep with your makeup on (please, never do this).

There are numerous quality makeup remover wipes in the market but the Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes is one of the best wipes. You will find out why in this article.

Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes

Neutrogena is not a new name in the beauty and skincare industry. The brand has been around for some time and has established itself as the producer of beauty products that industry enthusiasts can trust. The Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes are one of these beauty products.

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The Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes is a collection of soft, well-textured, and carefully designed wipes for cleaning the face. While the wipes’ main function is to remove makeup from the face, it also has other features such as ridding the face of impurities and foreign elements.

Unique Features of Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes

Effectively Removes Makeup

Every beauty expert and makeup user understands the danger of sleeping with your makeup on your face. The consequences range from the introduction of harmful foreign elements to the skin (face) to serious damage to the face.

To avoid these, makeup users are advised to wash off makeup from their faces before going to bed. The use of cleansers during the process of washing the makeup off shows that the aim is to ensure that none of the chemicals contained in the makeup remains on the face.

Therefore, if you are going to use makeup remover wipes in place of face washing, the makeup wipes better be one that ensures the total and effective removal of the chemicals in the makeup. The Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes provide an effective cleansing action on the face when applied.

Safe Cleansing Method

We have established that the Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes effectively remove makeup and other dirt from the face. But how do wipes do this? Unlike many wipes that can cause smudges on the face while cleaning makeup, the Neutrogena Day and Night Wipe clean makeup off your face without smudging or leaving any trace.

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The wipes are pre-moistened. This means that they contain moisture that dissolves all traces of makeup, oil, and dirt from the face. Therefore, when you use the Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes, you can be assured of a clean face without traces of makeup or any other type of dirt.

Gentle on the Skin

As with any material that comes in contact with the skin, the wipes must be gentle on the skin. This is because materials that are rough on the skin tend to cause more damage than good. They can upset the face causing rashes, bumps, or even acne.

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Using a rough material on the face could also affect the dead skin cells that form a protective barrier over the skin.

The Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes are gentle on the face. It is made with soft materials, treated to provide maximum impact without upsetting the face. The wipes are so gentle that people with contact lens can use them.

Disposable and Leaves Zero Residue

Another enticing quality about the Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes is its disposable nature. This means that you don’t have to worry about washing the wipes after use.

All you need to do is dispose of it and pick other towelettes for use.

Apart from their disposable nature, the wipes don’t leave a heavy residue. No matter how heavy the makeup is, the wipes dissolve and absorb the makeup during cleaning. This means that you don’t need to rinse your face after using Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes.

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Works for strong makeups

Some makeups or beauty products are resistant to water such as Waterproof Mascara. What this means is that water is not enough to wash them off and with this type of beauty product, you need strong face cleansers when washing.

Does this rule apply when cleaning with makeup removal wipes? Will you need more than a makeup wipe to clean this type of mascara?

We can’t say. What we can confirm is that the Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes cleans waterproof mascara and other beauty products easily. You won’t need an extra cleanser or any additional cleaning product with the Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes.


Endorsed by Dermatologists and other Skincare Experts

The Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes is a combination of safe, trusted, and tested ingredients for effective cleaning of the face. Many dermatologists and skin health experts have endorsed the product and cleared it as a safe product for everyone to use.

This endorsement is important seeing that there are different types of skin and each of these skin types has different reactions to beauty products.


 The Neutrogena Day and Night Wipes have many unique features that make it better than many of the other makeup removal wipes available in the market. To learn more about this product, check out this video.

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