6 Best Exercises For Neck Pain, Beauty Vigour

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6 Best Exercises For Neck Pain

Susan Wagner

6 Best Exercises For Neck Pain, Beauty Vigour

Many people suffer from chronic pain in the neck. It can be quite annoying and affect other areas of the body such as the shoulders, upper back, and even the arms. Here we are presenting you the six best neck pain exercises.

Causes Of Neck Pain

Among its main causes are:

  • Use a poor body posture throughout the day.
  • An injury or continuous wear that has caused a weakening of the muscular tissues.
  • Lack of mobility in the area.

There are different ways to prevent neck pain, but one of the most effective is the execution of specific exercises that serve to strengthen it and increase the range of movement of the area.

Neck Pain Exercises

Let’s see seven exercises that will help to improve the mobility and strength of your neck.

Exercises For Neck Mobility

You can do these exercises every day at home as long as your neck does not bother you too much. Pay attention to keep the head straight on the shoulders always during the execution of the same.

1. Neck Rotations

  • Sit or stand, and slowly turn your head to the left as much as you can but without getting to bother or hurt.
  • Try to maintain that position between 10-30 seconds.
  • Then repeat with the opposite side.

2. Circumcision of Shoulders

  • While standing, raise your arms and, once there, move them down in a circle.
  • Do 12-15 repetitions and then repeat the rotation but this time following the reverse direction.
  • You can also do the same movement with the arms raised laterally.
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3. Lateral Stretch

  • Standing, try to stretch your neck slowly to the left to try to join your ear and your shoulder, but without getting to bother you.
  • Do 5-10 repetitions per side.

4. Head Lifts

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees.
  • From there, raise the head and bring it to descend keeping the shoulders wholly glued to the floor.
  • Then, stand on your side and raise your head laterally.
  • Finally, hold on your stomach and do the same movement.
  • Do 5-10 repetitions of each.
Exercises for Neck Strength
6 Best Exercises For Neck Pain, Beauty Vigour

These exercises will help you to generate new muscle tissue in the neck and as a consequence reduce the discomfort in the area. Do them with very light dumbbells (maximum 2’5 kg) and three sets of each of 8-12 repetitions at least three non-consecutive days per week.

5. Stand Up Paddle

  • Take the dumbbells with the palms of your hands facing you and placing them in front of your thighs.
  • From there, lift them more or less to the height of the clavicle and hold that position 1-2 seconds before going down.
  • Do not try to take the dumbbells higher.

6. Birds

  • Grab the dumbbells and tilt the torso forward by 90º, leaving the arms parallel, bend the elbows slightly and the palms of the hands are looking at each other.
  • From there, raise the dumbbells backward trying to contract the scapulae.
  • Do not exceed the height of the shoulders.

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