How to Moisturise Dry Lips?

How to Moisturise Dry Lips ?

The dry, cold weather of winter is coming and with it comes the nuisance that many people feel with dry lips. Besides to the unpleasant appearance, the dryness can also cause dermatitis in lips. So here is this article which tells us how to moisturize dry lips and keep them look healthy!

It is very common that the lips end up with fissures and scrapes as it is susceptible region. It gets exposed to factors like wind, pollution, low humidity and hot sun. Allergy to lipsticks, toothpaste, food may also be responsible for dry lips.

Thus it is essential to moisturize the lips throughout the day to avoid dryness.

How to moisturise split lips?

With the right care, you will no longer need to touch lipstick all day or suffer from dry scalped lips. Here are fantastic tips to take good care of and moisturise cracked lips.

  • Drink a lot of water
  • During the day, use a cocoa butter lipstick. Using a moisturiser with sunblock under the lipstick also works.
  • At night apply moisturiser or cocoa butter on your lips before sleeping.
  • Do not tear off the dry skin! We know it’s almost irresistible, but try not to do this. It can cause sores and increase the likelihood of infections.
  • Avoid licking your lips. The sensation of relief from dryness is only momentary. This habit may cause dermatitis.

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