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Micellar Water: What It Is, Benefits & How To Use

Sara Kettler

In the world of beauty, a new product is born every day. Micellar water, for example, has been around for some time and is a great success among its users. In addition to cleaning the skin, taking away dirt and makeup, toning and in some cases also moisturizes! Learn more about this micellar water.

What is Micellar Water?

This product is a cleaning solution, usually translucent, similar to water. In its composition, contains molecules with properties that attract the dirt, the so-called micelles, able to absorb the dirt and eliminate them, without attacking the skin.

Micellar Water Benefits

Among all the things you already know about it, the benefits it brings to the health of your skin are undeniable. Get to know your micellar water benefits in more detail.

1. Cleanses Skin and Pores

By containing micelles, such molecules that attract dirt out of the skin, this product cleanses the skin deeply without damaging the skin or pores.

2. Removes Makeup

With the same principle as a makeup remover, but without being aggressive to the eyes or skin, this product can remove the heaviest makeup. Some brands can even use as a contact lens solution.

3. Purifies and Re-balances Skin

In addition to cleaning thoroughly, it removes excess oiliness and creates a balance on your skin. The recommendation for the use of micellar water is precisely for oily skin, although everyone can use it.

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How To Use Micellar Water
  • Wet a cotton disc and place over your closed eyes.
  • Leave it for a few seconds before removing for micelles to act.
  • The eyes should be clean respecting the growth of the lashes: vertically and without sudden movements.
  • Do not forget the outer corner of the eyes, which should also clean vertically.
  • Then pass to the lips and chin, rise to the cheekbones, nose, forehead, and end at the neck.
  • Swap cotton whenever it is dirty.
  • So that the dirt is completely removed, apply the cotton with micellar water and let it act for a few seconds, making a slight pressure on the points you find most necessary.
  • Lastly, do not need to rinse.
How To Make Homemade Micellar Water

Despite the complexity of this product, the homemade version is simple to do. Some ingredients can easily find than others but follow the recipe, and you will get a great product made by you!



  • Mix all ingredients and add in a bowl.
  • Shake every time you use it. It’s that simple!
Where To Buy Micellar Water

This product can buy in pharmacies, supermarkets, cosmetics stores or in online stores, being sold by various brands. The price varies depending on the brand.

What’s better: Micellar or Tonic Water?

Although they are two different products, they act in similar ways. However, if it is to choose the best, the micellar water wins with certainty.

The reason is simple, and this is a product that eliminates the use of others. With it, you can stop using make-up remover, tonic, and even moisturizers, depending on the brand.

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