5 Medicinal Herbs for Weight Loss

5 Medicinal Herbs for Weight Loss

The use of herbs and herbal remedies for weight loss is nothing new. Over time it has become a standard practice that has to make use of these herbs for weight loss.

There are herbal slimming teas that help to lose weight. These are always allied to diets and exercises.

But it is always good to be aware that although they are medicinal herbs, excess intake is not good. So before you start using any of them, it’s better to know more. You should know if you can or cannot consume it and in what quantities.

The herbal teas that lose weight are diuretics and effective in eliminating fat. Some teas that also help to control anxiety.

A diet based on teas should be with a diet rich in vegetables, greens, and fruits.

5 medicinal herbs for weight loss

Check out the best medicinal herbs for weight loss.

1. Cinnamon

Consuming it in the form of tea or powder increases metabolism. It is thermogenic and accelerates the burning of fat. It lowers glucose in the blood, avoiding the accumulation of sugar as fat in the body. It is still bactericidal and antioxidant, which helps the body to get rid of toxins.

2. Horsetail

It boosts fat breakdown and improves blood circulation. Thus it improves the appearance of the skin, including cellulite. It is also a diuretic, facilitating the elimination of toxins.

3. Alfalfa

It is rich in nutrients as it contains various minerals (iron, potassium, calcium) and vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K). It also has a right amount of protein, necessary to keep you satiated and to revitalize and build muscles.

5 Medicinal Herbs for Weight Loss
4. Camellia sinensis- Green tea, white tea, black tea and red tea

It is one of the best known in its forms of green tea and white tea. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, necessary for efficient fat burning. It also has caffeine, making it a great natural thermogenic. It boosts metabolism, causing you to burn more fat.

5. Hibiscus

It controls anxiety and, as it has a sweet taste, helps to combat the urge to eat sweets. Also, it helps to keep the bowel functioning well and is diuretic, reducing swelling.

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