Master the Art of Chain Wearing: 5 Tips for Men

Kathleen Hou

5 Rules for Wearing Chains

  1. The Subtle Tux

  • When wearing a bold and in-your-face necklace, tucking it into a shirt with a wider neck and allowing a small portion to peek out can make it look stylish.
  • A thicker necklace, like an iced out tennis chain, works well for this look.
  1. The Bare Chest

  • When wearing a button-down shirt, the goal is to draw the eye to the bare chest and muscles.
  • To avoid making the shirt look tacky, a minimal box chain under 2 millimeters thick and between 18-20 inches in length works best.
  • The rose gold and black box chain is a versatile and affordable option for this look.
  1. The Dapper Drip

  • To add some edge to a formal outfit, a chain with a pendant can be worn over a dress shirt.
  • A Cuban link chain works well for this look and can be dressed up or down.
  1. The Street Style

  • A chain with a large pendant can add some personality to a casual street style outfit.
  • Mixing and matching different chains and pendants can create a unique look.
  1. The Layered Look

  • Layering multiple chains of different styles and lengths can add depth and interest to an outfit.
  • Experimenting with different combinations can create a personalized layered look.
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Overall, there are many ways to incorporate chains into an outfit and make a statement. The key is to find the right style and length that works for you and to have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different looks.


Can men wear chains?

Yes, men can definitely wear chains as a fashionable accessory. There are many different styles and lengths to choose from, and they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

What is the best length for a chain necklace?

The best length for a chain necklace will depend on your personal style and the type of outfit you are wearing. A shorter chain works well for a minimal and subtle look, while a longer chain can make a statement. A good rule of thumb is to choose a chain that falls just above or just below the collarbone.

What is the difference between a box chain and a Cuban link chain?

A box chain has small, square links that are connected together to form a chain, while a Cuban link chain has larger, oval-shaped links that are interconnected. Box chains are more minimal and subtle, while Cuban link chains are bolder and more statement-making.

Can you wear a chain with a t-shirt?

Yes, you can definitely wear a chain with a t-shirt. A minimal chain can add some interest to a casual t-shirt and jeans outfit, while a bolder chain can make a statement. Just be sure to choose a chain that is appropriate for the occasion and that complements your outfit.

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