How to Lighten the Skin

How to Lighten the Skin?

I will share this millennial secret that Oriental women apply to have a fairer face. The face will be free of blemishes, imperfections and porcelain. We can take advantage of it to keep our face whiter, with a uniform color, moisturized and always looking young. You can perform this routine to lighten the skin in the mornings and at night. Remember that perseverance gives better results.

How to Clear the Skin


  • ½ kilo of rice
  • Water or whole milk
  • Colander

How to Lighten the Skin?


  • Put the rice in the water or milk and stir with your hands until the water turns white.

How to Lighten the Skin?

  • Strain the rice and keep this liquid.

How to Lighten the Skin?

  • Use this water to wash your face and neck
  • Let your face dry in the air.

How to Lighten the Skin?

You can use rice powder if you prefer to replace the rice.

How to Lighten the Skin?

The results will enthral you with a much fairer look.

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