5 Best Leg Workouts You Can Do at Home, Beauty Vigour


5 Best Leg Workouts You Can Do at Home

Melanie Yates

5 Best Leg Workouts You Can Do at Home, Beauty Vigour

Many famous celebs have long thin legs. Most of the women enjoy strong, firm and defined legs. If you are one among them, we bet on a good leg workout series with exercises that work the lower muscles more. Here are the best 5 Best Leg Workouts You Can Do at Home.

For those who do not like attending gyms and prefer to train at home, this is the article for them. It is possible to improvise and conquer shapely legs with strengthening exercises. It stimulates muscle groups of the legs and butt.

The following is a complete leg workout for you who loves to wear cooler and shorter outfits:

1. Squats (all types are an excellent workout of legs and buttocks )
  • Position: with the feet parallel, below the hip line
  • Execution: Leading the hip back and leaving the knees on the line of the toes.
  • Repeat: Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
2. Open squatting
  • Position: Standing, legs apart a little beyond the hip line, with the tips of the feet facing outwards. Hands should be resting on the waist.
  • Execution: If sitting on a chair, until the thigh is parallel to the ground. Return to starting position.
  • Repeat: Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions
3. Hip flexion
  • Position: standing with legs semi-extended and hands crossed in front of the chest.
  • Execution: Flex one leg up, forming a 90-degree angle with the hip line and the foot line. Keep your spine erect and, if necessary, support your hands on the wall.
  • Repetition: 3 sets of 10 repetitions with each leg
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4. Four supports
  • Position: Support your knees and elbows on a mat. With your elbows aligned with your shoulders and knees with your hips.
  • Execution: Raise one leg, without stretching it, and make up and down movements. Remembering that the strength to lift the leg should come from the hips, and never from the spine.
  • Repetition: 3 sets of 10 repetitions with each leg
5. Bridge
  • This is also a great workout for legs and buttocks.
  • Position: Lie on your belly up on a thin mat or something similar, bend your knees and place flat feet on the ground.
  • Execution: Slowly lift the pelvis until you can make a straight bridge
  • Repetition: 3 sets of 10 repetitions with each leg

It is imperative to perform warm-up exercises before beginning any training. This helps to stretch the muscles after finishing to avoid possible injuries.

So performing simple tasks at home can tone your legs. If you create a training routine and supplement it with proper nutrition..you will achieve your dream.

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