best jump exercises to tone your legs at home


4 Best Jump Exercises To Tone Your Legs At Home

Kristina Rodulfo

Going to the gym is an excellent option to get fit and train your muscles. We will find a wide variety of machines, pulleys, bars, and dumbbells with which to do many exercises. But in many cases, we are in a situation in which we cannot go, either because we have little time or because our economy does not allow it.

No problem, at home we can also do a lot of useful exercises to work all parts of the body and get great results. This time we will focus on the legs, one of the most critical areas and we can train using only our body weight, doing some exercises that have nothing to envy to those we can do in the gym.

Jump Exercises To Tone Your Legs At Home

1. Squats With Jump

This exercise is composed of two different. One of them is possibly the best exercise that exists to work the legs and glutes. We talk about the great squats, which combined with the jump will form an extraordinary exercise to work the legs. And, at the same time, promote the loss of fat due to its high intensity.

How To Do

  • Place the feet slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, with the tips of the feet slightly outwards.
  • Always keep the back straight, bend the knees until forming, approximately, an angle of 90 degrees with the legs.
  • When you go up again, do it explosively jumping, bringing your knees to your chest.
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2. Strides With Jump

Another excellent exercise for our quadriceps, femurs, and buttocks, are the strides, which we can do in movement or on site. If we perform the latter, we can add a rapid change to other legs.

How To Do

  • Place one of the legs bend at an angle of 90 degrees and the other back, without the knee to touch the ground.
  • Push with the back leg to change the position of the legs in the air.
3. Length Jumps

In this exercise, we will sweat the fat drop, burn many calories and, at the same time, tone the legs. We will need a more spacious space, such as a playground, park or athletic track to perform the jumps without problems.

How To Do

  • With feet together, push to take the longest possible jump forward, helping with the movement of the arms.
  • Repeat the jump between 10 and 20 times, completing a series.
4. Jumps With 180-degree Turn

Again, an exercise in which we consume a large number of calories, including jumping, giving dynamism to the exercise while we feel our legs burning.

How To Do

  • Stand with the feet straight, with a separation equal to the width of the shoulders and the arms at the sides.
  • Go down as if you are going to make a squat and when you go take a powerful jump.
  • When you are in the air, do a 180-degree turn, landing on the floor flexing the knees.
  • Repeat the operation to the other side.


With these exercises, you can get the legs you’ve always dreamed of without having to go to the gym. However, although at first sight, they do not seem so, they require a considerable level of effort, so we must start cautiously, with moderate series and progressively increase the repetitions and training time.

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