relieve heels pain


How to Relieve Heels Pain Naturally

Kristina Rodulfo

relieve heels pain

Incorrect walking and exercising can result in pain in the heel which can be debilitating, preventing you from doing your daily activities, or participating in sports, among others. There are remedies to relieve the heels and help them heal.

To Relieve Heels Pain Naturally

Rest as much as possible. The pain of the heel can cause by excessive exercise or the use of inappropriate shoes. Rest is beneficial for tense calves. Limit getting up, using heels, running or other activities until the pain subsides.

Apply ice to the painful heel to reduce inflammation and pain. Put ice in the area for ten or fifteen minutes at least twice a day.

If you wish, you can soak the heel in warm and cold water to relieve painful heels.

Pay attention to your posture, as it is the leading cause of heel pain. Wear shoes that fit and support your foot. Look for shoes with excellent arch support. Stop wearing shoes that cause pain. Some people suffer heel pain from wearing high heels or wearing shoes with little support for the arch of the foot.

Stretch your feet and legs. Stretching feet helps to relax the muscles of the foot and leg and reduce pain. Tense muscles in the calf are a common cause of heel pain, so you should focus on relaxing that muscle.

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