How To Lose Weight In Thighs, Beauty Vigour

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How To Lose Weight In Thighs

Sara Kettler

How To Lose Weight In Thighs, Beauty Vigour

If you are trying to lose weight from your thighs to give it a more molded look, this article will provide you with all the information on how to lose weight in thighs.

The space for the thighs could be the latest fashion, but it is undoubtedly one of the so-called beauty trends that can damage women’s health. Women and even men are prone to having massive thighs, and you can lose the extra weight with the right diet and exercises. However, you should always consider the genetic factor to set realistic goals.

You should also keep in mind that the exercises can be useful, since they will tone the particular muscles of the area, but you can not lose weight from only one place in your body and not from the others. Therefore, when you try to lose weight from your thighs, you should shed a few kilos of your body in general and following the correct exercises in this timeframe can ensure that your thighs are better toned. Keep reading.

To Lose Weight In Thighs

1. Control Your Caloric Intake

When you try to lose weight from any part of your body, it is vital to take the proper diet that supports weight loss. If you continue to take a diet that is full of fat and more calories than you need, it will undoubtedly appear in your body, no matter how much you exercise. The key to losing weight of the thighs is to combine the right diet with the right exercises and, therefore, the first step should be to monitor the total daily calorie intake closely.

To get to the right diet, first, leave fatty foods out of their source. Cheese, butter, cream, candy, ice cream, cakes, and chocolates should drop completely off your grocery list.

Apart from that stay away from soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, junk food, and chips. Increase the number of vegetables in your diet, which will fill your appetite, provide you with all the nutrition your body may need, but it will not increase the number of calories. When you want to eat snacks, eat fresh fruit instead of something fried or garbage.

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Strictly control your total carbohydrate and sugar intake. Also completely discard red meat from your diet, which can function as a source of animal fats for your body.

2. Eat The Right Way

While it is essential to have the right diet, eating it the right way is also vital to get the best weight loss effects. Instead of taking three large meals in a day, start taking 5-6 small meals. When you take larger meals, it increases the possibility of more storage in the body.

On the other hand, taking smaller meals at frequent intervals will reduce the amount of storage and also help to control your total calorie intake, since you will not be starving at any time.

Be sure to have dinner before 8 p.m, and you should not go to bed at least 3 hours after dinner. Also, drink plenty of water to maintain your body’s metabolism in the selection. Eating the right way can make a difference to give you the perfect figure.

3. Cardiovascular Exercises To Lose Weight In Thighs

Cardiovascular exercises are considered as one of the best for losing extra thigh weight. Cardiovascular exercises make your blood run in your body, which guarantees better combustion of fats. Cardiovascular exercises can be as simple as going for a run or jumping rope at home.

You can jump and run hard in your garden to get the effects of a good cardio exercise. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise in a day can provide you with a large amount of weight loss and other health benefits. Then, do not miss it.

4. Exercises To Lose Weight In Thighs

Some targeted exercises can give you the right benefit by toning your thigh muscles, and for these exercises, you do not need to go to the gym or spend on expensive equipment.

If you wish, you can add some weights in your practice to increase the intensity of these exercises, but it is also perfectly fine to dispense with them. Some of the most effective exercises that can help you lose thigh fat and tone your thigh muscles include:

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(i). Pilates With The Elevation Of The Inner Thigh

This training can be useful to lose fat from the thighs.

  • Lie on the floor on your side.
  • Put your head resting on your folded hand.
  • Now bring the upper part of the leg towards the front of the lower part of the leg by pulling one of the hips upwards and bending the leg from the knee.
  • Hold the leg in the front with your hand to keep it grounded.
  • Now take the other leg up, hold the position as long as you can and then come back.
  • Repeat with the other leg. Begin with four sets of 5 repetitions.

(ii). Side Lunges

Even the frontal lunges can be useful for thinning the thighs, but the lateral thrusts are aimed mainly at the internal muscles of the thighs.

  • Stand on the ground with your legs apart.
  • Now take a big step to the side and lower your body so that the thigh extends 45 degrees with the floor and the other thigh parallel to the floor.
  • Hold this position for a few moments, return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.
  • You need to do at least five sets of 8 reps to start.

(iii). Step Ups

Step Ups can be very useful in toning the thighs and losing extra weight in the thigh area. You will need a stable platform to perform this exercise. If you do not have anything at hand, you can start practicing it on the ladder, as well as making sure that the stairs are high enough so that the muscles of your thighs have the crucial stretch.

  • Climb the platform with one leg and then push it up to raise the other leg.
  • Once you are on the platform, lower one leg and then continue with the next.
  • You must do step ups quickly, for at least 5-10 minutes to get the best results.

(iv). Squats

The same old squats can also be a good exercise to burn thigh fat and get more toned legs. You can also practice some variations of squats to get better effects from this standard and highly effective training. Start with five sets of 6 repetitions of squats and then increase as you go.

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(v). Hiking

Hiking can be a great way to lose thigh fat quickly. Walking on sloping paths or mountainous regions can completely resolve the muscles of the thighs and help them tone up. Frequent walks and hikes may be the best way to get and keep those thighs thinner.

(vi). Take An Active Sport

Active sports can be beneficial to keep you in shape and also to tone your thighs. Sports such as badminton, tennis, and swimming can be excellent for your body and also ensure that you lose weight from your thighs and do not put on fats easily unless you interrupt the activity. Doing active sports can be a pleasant and easy way to lose weight quickly in the thighs.

5. Yoga Poses To Lose Weight In Thighs

Some yoga poses can also be useful for losing weight in thighs while toning the muscles of the thigh. Some of these yoga poses include:

(i). Bridge Pose

The bridge pose can be an active asana to tone your thighs and lose extra fat.

  • Lie on your back, then bend knees and your feet firmly on the floor.
  • Now raise your body and try to hold your ankles with your hands.
  • Hold on this position for a few moments, then slowly return to the starting position.
  • Repeat this position three times in one sitting.

(ii). Chair Pose

  • Stand with your feet apart and put your back straight.
  • Take your hands over your head and join them in a “namaskar” posture.
  • Now bend your knees and get to the position of the chair.
  • You should be able to feel the tension in your body, especially in your thighs, back and hips.
  • Hold the chair position for a few moments and then return to the standing position.
  • Repeat.

(iii). Locust Pose

  • Lie on your stomach and then pull the lower part of your body and upper body up to make a curved pose.
  • You must extend your hands to your legs without touching the ground to feel the tension that flows through your body.
  • Hold this pose for few moments and relax.

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