how to get smooth hair naturally

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How To Get Smooth & Silky Hair Naturally

Kristina Rodulfo

how to get smooth hair naturally

The smooth hair has something special. We don’t know what it generates in women. That is why we want to show you how to get smooth hair and highlight all its natural brightness with these little tips. Sometimes we go crazy trying to find a magical solution, but it can be much simpler than we think. Do not miss these tricks to have smooth and shiny hair. Pamper your hair and take care to make it look much smoother and healthier with these tips. Read on to know how to get smooth hair naturally at home.

How To Get Smooth Hair Naturally

1. Daily Hair Care

You mustn’t neglect an adequate daily care routine. Hair is a fiber that is very sensitive to changes in temperature, stress, and food. Apply the moisturizing masks at least once a week and adopt healthy habits.

2. Do Not Tie Hair

Many times we hurried out of the house with wet hair, and the first thing we do is tie our hair. Serious mistake! If you want straight hair, let it dry loose, so there are no marks left.

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3. Use A Shampoo With Keratin

Your hair has keratin naturally, and what these products do is reinforce it. A keratin shampoo closes the cuticles, so you have healthier hair. Take the test, and you will notice the difference.

4. Hyaluronic Acid For Smooth Hair

Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide that moisturizes the hair from the follicle, giving you a beautiful, smooth, and healthy hair from the roots to the ends. It acts by increasing its size by capturing water, which manages to provide the nutrients that your hair needs throughout its length.

5. Egg White And Clay Mask For Smooth Hair

Clay is not only beneficial for your skin but also your hair. It contains silica – an active ingredient that effectively removes excess oil from the scalp.

The combination with egg whites will help your hair not split ends but also help your hair become stronger and smoother.


  • One tablespoon clay
  • One egg white

How To Use:

  • Mix the ingredients to get a uniform mixture.
  • Apply and massage the mixture on your hair and make sure to apply the mixture from hair roots to the ends.
  • Brush hair evenly with a brush once and incubate the hair for about one hour.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with warm water.
6. Banana, Yogurt, And Honey Mask For Smooth Hair

Bananas and honey are great for your hair because it has moisturizing properties. Bananas rich in vitamins and minerals will nourish the hair to become naturally smooth and shiny.

Besides, the protein in the yogurt will help nourish your hair to be strong, giving a straight hair that is not split or split.

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  • One banana
  • One tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 cup yogurt

How To Use:

  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Apply it to your hair and wrap a towel on your hair for about one hour.
  • Wash your hair with cold water and let your hair dry naturally.
7. Milk With Sugar Mask For Smooth Hair

The excellent combination of these two ingredients will help your hair become smooth and healthy.


  • One cup of fresh milk without sugar
  • Two eggs

How To Use:

  • Beat chicken eggs with milk for about one minute.
  • Then, apply this mixture to your hair for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse off with shampoo.
8. Coconut Milk, Olive Oil, And Lemon Juice For Smooth Hair

Coconut milk is an essential ingredient in the care of women ‘s hair. Vitamins and minerals found in coconut milk will nourish and keep hair smooth and vibrant.

Olive oil, rich in vitamin E and will provide moisture to your hair. Lemon and cornstarch contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps to prevent hair loss effectively and helps to absorb excess oil in the hairline. The combination of ingredients will give you a strong and smooth hair without sticking.


  • One cup of coconut milk
  • Two tablespoons Olive oil
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Two teaspoons of cornflour

How To Use:

  • Heat this mixture for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Cool and apply the mixture over your hair.
  • Incubate the hair for about one hour and then wash it off with shampoo.
9. Aloe Vera, Potatoes, And Honey Mask For Smooth Hair

Aloe vera contains nutritious minerals such as sodium, magnesium. They will help to nourish your hair to be shiny. Potatoes contain a lot of protein will prevent hair loss, honey will provide moisture to help your hair become smooth, full of life.

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  • Two tablespoons aloe vera gel
  • One potato
  • Two teaspoons of honey

How To Use:

  • Grind the potatoes and pour them into a bowl.
  • Take aloe vera gel and honey, mix them, and stir well.
  • Apply the mixture to damp hair and wait until the hair is dry.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and let hair dry naturally.

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