how to burn 500 calories a day


How to Burn 500 Calories a Day

Kristina Rodulfo

Before showing you how to burn 500 calories a day, we will explain a little more about each person’s daily calorie needs, so that the calorie loss process is more efficient and healthier.

The ideal calorie count varies for each person. In this account, we take several factors such as sex, height, age, muscle mass and daily activities in everyday life.

The metabolism is also an important factor in daily calorie count that one should eat and how many should lose to lose weight. And metabolism is responsible for burning calories when the body is at rest. This expenditure called as the basal metabolic rate. The body spends about 60 calories per hour while sleeping.

Here’s how to burn 500 calories a day

In general, a person should burn 500 calories a day more than they eat to lose one pound per week.

How to burn 500 calories a day in 15 ways

1. Increase physical activity

If you do the daily physical activity, a walk or some sport will help to burn 500 calories per day.

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Cycling helps to burn from 180 to 300 calories per hour. A simple slow walk can burn 240 calories per hour whereas if it is fast, the number climbs to 520 calories per hour.

2. Do not eat while doing other activity

Studies show that if we eat while watching television, or while reading something, we can consume up to 300 calories more than usual because we do not pay attention to what we eat.

3. Put less food in the dish

Put less food in the dish, so you will not feel to eat more than you need. This activity can ease the loss of 500 calories per day.

4. Do not wipe the dish

A nutritionist says that if we want to burn 500 calories per day, we must leave 25% of the food we serve on the plate. The rest can stay for a next meal, or for the pet.

5. Sleep well

Our body gets to spend 60 calories per hour while we sleep. Also, a good night’s sleep can regulate our appetite, avoid exaggerations in the next day’s meals.

6. Avoid sugar

Sugar is highly caloric and avoiding it can be a good option to burn 500 calories per day. Prefer natural sweeteners, or choose teas or juices without sugar.

7. Avoid carbohydrates

The carbohydrates are the most calorie foods on our food table. A dish with pasta without sauce can have 220 calories. If you add the condiment, the value can be five times higher.

8. Make individual dishes

Usually, when we have visitors we usually make a lot of food. So, try to calculate the guests and the consumption of each one to prepare what each one will eat.

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9. Eat regularly

Get into the habit of eating light and healthy snacks every three hours. So you will not feel hungry and eat more than you want.

10. Avoid nuts

Nuts and peanuts are highly caloric. A handful of each has about 200 calories.

11. Know what to ask for

In restaurants or fast food centers, order small portions of food. If a combo of fast food you love with potato, remove the potato. The extra may contain too much calorie.

12. Avoid fast food

You only eat when you have an uncontrollable will. Fast foods are not nutritious and are also highly caloric. If you substitute one such snack for a healthy meal every time, the chances of eliminating 500 calories per day will be much higher.

13. Avoid beer

Alcoholic beverages are very caloric, but the beer is one of the most. Cutting the beer at the end of the day will be a significant activity to burn 500 calories a day.

14. Drink plenty of water

Water is one of the allies for increased metabolism that will aid in the daily caloric loss.

15. Planning

Have a notebook with notes of your energetic daily consumption.

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