how to avoid dry skin in winter

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How To Avoid Dry Skin In Winter

Kristina Rodulfo

The winter guarantees cold and wet weather. Our skin usually suffers because it is more difficult to care for it during the winter months properly. Your skin becomes flaky and dry, and your makeup is, therefore, not as it should. Here, we’ll let you know how to avoid dry skin in winter.

Your skin needs different care in the summer than in the winter. In the summer, your skin gets a lot to endure due to the sun, and in the winter, you have a faster drying time due to the heating. It is, therefore, essential to take good care of your skin during the winter. Curious how you do that? These are our tips for hydration and care for the skin.

Dry Skin And Dry Lips In Winter

Your skin dries out faster in winter because the humidity inside and outside is lower than in the summer. Dry skin is fragile and does not feel good. It also works with your lips. Your lips have no sebaceous glands, and the skin is extra thin here, so they have no protective layer. It makes them extra sensitive to drying out and regularly results in sensitive and cracked lips, which often re-open.

To Avoid Dry Skin In Winter

1. Lubricate

If your skin becomes drier, then you can imagine that it needs extra fats. Because less fat means less protection. So you need a fatter cream in the winter than in the summer. So keep your skin good fat and choose the right products that hydrate your skin well.

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2. Do Not Take Hot Shower Too Long

We know that it is beautiful to shower as long and hot as possible in the winter. But beware, this only dries out the skin. Warm water strips the skin from its natural oils and dries it out. So set the temperature a little lower and don’t stand for too long.

3. Be Careful With Face Wash And Cleansers

What also often makes the skin dry and unmanageable is the cleanser or face wash that you use. Especially a product that has a lot of foam or contains a lot of soap lets the skin lose its moisture. Soap can remove natural oils from the skin. So choose an oil-based cleanser in the colder months. It cleanses the skin, but leaves the natural oils behind and does not dry out the skin.

4. Keep Drinking

In the winter, you drink much less without your noticing. In the summer, you drink more because of the hotter temperatures, because you need more moisture. In the winter, we often forget the moisture that we need, despite the cold. So keep drinking well all day long!

5. Watch Out With Your Razor

Shaving can cause dry, irritated skin. You remove not only the hairs but also the natural oils. A tip is to shave your legs after a hot bath. Then the hairs are softer and weaker, which makes shaving easier. Always use a shaving gel or cream and shave with the hair to protect the skin. Spread your legs afterward with a moisturizing body lotion or oil.

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