How to Make Hot Wax At Home

How to Make Hot Wax At Home

Every woman wants to have skin smooth and is a matter of concern for every one of us. Much more than aesthetic, hair removal is a matter of hygiene. Especially in the heat, the hairs ease the accumulation of bacteria in the skin. The waxing may even disturb some, but is very efficient compared to other methods. The hot wax is less painful than the cold, because it dilates the pores more. It facilitates the removal of the hairs. And the hairs take almost a month to grow! The skin is smooth and different from the result obtained with the razor. Another advantage is that as the hair gets removed from the root, the tendency is that it grows less and get weaker.

Hot wax is cheaper and may even be homemade. But how to make hot wax at home?

It’s quite simple

  • In a pan, add 2 cups sugar, ¼ cup lemon juice, ¼ cup water and a pinch of salt.
  • Mix well for about 10 minutes over high heat.
  • When the mixture turns light brown, lower the heat and stop stirring. Wait for 10 minutes or until the wax turns medium brown.
  • Then, when the wax is ready, spread it on a surface and go mixing from the corners to the center until cool.
  • When the wax cools, soak your hands in cold water and mix the wax, stretching it well. Do this until the wax clears the hand.
  • Use this wax on any part of the body.

Remember that some more sensitive parts deserve special attention. Many women have questions about how to shave the crotch alone. Hair removal should not wholly do. The hairs help to protect against infections and vaginal diseases.

To make intimate hair removal at home, it is ideal for the woman to follow specific procedures.

  • The first is to exfoliate the region three days before, to avoid by ingrown and prepare the skin.
  • Apply wax in the direction of the hair and remove the hair in the opposite direction.
  • Do not reuse wax.
  • Then apply a soothing after-shave cream and avoid sun exposure for 24 hours.
  • These cares will help prevent stains from hair removal. Also, irritation, burns and ingrown hairs cease out.

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