Home Remedies For Clean Underarms, Beauty Vigour


Home Remedies For Clean Underarms

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Home Remedies For Clean Underarms, Beauty Vigour

Lemon For Clean Underarms

Whenever we try to remove any dark spots of our skin, the first home remedy that comes into our mind is lemon juice; nothing works better and quick from the farm of nature than lemon juice in removing dark spots.

  • You can apply the juice onto that area or rub one slice of lemon directly. 

With regular use, the dark spots will diminish, but never forget to apply moisturizer after washing the lemon juice from your armpit. The bleaching actions of lemon can make your skin dry; hence, moisturizer is a mandate.

Here are the other home remedies for clean underarms.

Natural skin lightening elements to diminish the underarm darkness

Remedy #1:

  • Make a mixture of honey, lemon, turmeric and yogurt and apply it regularly, it can remove the dark spots from your armpit without drying it.
  • Wash it off after keeping it for 15 minutes.

Remedy #2:

Potato is vastly used for its skin lighting effects. If people with sensitive skin feel irritated due to the acidic effects of lemon, then potato is the suitable alternative for them.

  • Cut few slices and rub them in a circular motion in the area.
  • You can also grate the potato to squeeze out the juice and apply it with the help of cotton ball or fingers.
  • Clean the area after 15 minutes.
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Remedy #3:

Cucumber, this veggie is also effective in lightening the skin; hence, you can utilize it as well.

  • Grate the cucumber and apply the squeezed out juice into the armpit or directly rub the slices.
  • Wash it with clear water.
Combine ingredients for fastest result

You can also make a paste of lemon, cucumber and turmeric especially if you suffer from skin irritation.

  • Take equal quantity of each ingredient and make a mixture.
  • Apply the mixture into the area and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • While the lemon juice will assimilate the dead cells turmeric will prevent the discoloration and cucumber will leave soothing effect.
  • Wash the place with cold water.
Use scrubber to scrub away the accumulated dead cells

If your armpit looks darker due to the accumulation of dead cells then you just need to scrub away the dead cells. For exfoliating the skin, you can make scrubber with home ingredients and you don’t need to rush to the store for buying artificial, chemical scrubber.

How to prepare scrubber at home?

Do you know that rice granules are great scrubber? You can buy grinded rice granules from the store or can make it at home with the help of grinding machine. For grinding rice granules at home you need to soak the granules in water in order to make them soft.

  • Mix rice granules with milk and turmeric and scrub the combination on the armpit for at least 15 minutes daily, by using it regularly you can see visible result within seven days.
  • You can use brown sugar as a scrubber, prepare a mixture of brown sugar and lemon and rub your underarms with it and wash it off after 15 minutes.
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You are advised to apply the above mentioned remedies twice a day, you can stick to any specific process otherwise you can also apply all the processes alternatively.

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