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5 Best Fat Burning Home Remedies

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Being tagged as “OBESE”, “Hulk”, “Heavyweights” etc can really make one the laughing stock or look odd one out in general. We all are aware of the reasons best known to us as this has now become a real menace. One has to go an extra mile for shedding this excess flab, tyres etc accumulated under our hood via Stomach. Although there are lot of proven home based remedies, but they work out only if preached routinely and according to the body nature. Well let us now ponder upon some of these exciting yet simplest fat burning remedies to fit in size zero.

Best Fat Burning Home Remedies

1. Honey as the rescue aid to aim for size ZERO:

Also touted as the “Nature’s best medicine” Honey is a good fat burner to shed the excessive fat deposits, bad cholesterol levels and specially acts best when taken in with Lukewarm Water/Milk and even our favorite beverages Tea-Coffee. The reason for keeping “Honey” in number 1 position is because it is the simplest of all sugar substitute and acts very fast on the fat deposits build slowly over period of time.

2. Intake of Brown/broken Rice:

Usage of Brown Rice instead of usual white rice taken in sumptuous quantities by Indian household reduces the risk of obesity and related disorders. In fact according to NHAB (National Health Advisory Board) Brown rice contains a lesser starch content and more proteins, minerals and vitamin B complex. Hence 8 out of 10 leading dieticians, doctors across globe prescribe the same especially for the people who are prone to heart attacks, strokes etc.

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3. Fibre Rich Diet a must for looking young and the fit Mantra:

Everyone would just be aware of the fact that our body needs all essential things like Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Fibres, Water and list goes on. We all tend to intake more carbohydrates than that of other essential body building things specifically the Fibre. Whole Wheat, Jowar, , Sorghum, Bajra, Green Grams, Sprouts, Bran oil, Dal, Nuts like Pistachios, etc rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals are good source to reduce the excess fat as it’s easily digested by the body.

4. Fruits rich in Vitamin C, Minerals to be in a regular diet planner:

A very well said adage “An Apple a day keeps a doctor away” paves way for an interesting facto that researchers have time and again proved that an ideal body needs 80-90% nutrition from citrus fruits like Apples, Pomegranates, Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Guavas, Watermelon etc as they contain a lot minerals, vitamins, water content and source rich in antioxidants.

5. Medium of cooking, use of correct oil etc:

This is the most vital part ignored by most households leading to different health issues. The oils used must be having a balanced proportion of MUFA, PUFA’s pertaining to Fat based acids. Bran oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil etc should be the most preferred oils as they are very healthy.

These are just diet planner for all those who wish to lead a healthy, fit and attractive life. However it doesn’t hold good until one doesn’t pay attention towards a good fitness regime like Cycling, Walking, Jogging, Martial Arts etc.

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