High Fibre Diet to Prevent Gut

High Fibre Diet to Prevent Gut

Talking about trapped or lazy gut may be a bit funny, but the problem is severe and more common than you might think.

Also to the natural nuisances, the trapped or lazy intestine damages the health. The beauty of the skin and the body also gets affected. Signs noticed are:

  • Lack of vitality of the skin (which tends to become dull and stained).
  • The enlargement of the abdomen (due to swelling of the belly). *Headaches, moodiness, anemia, osteoporosis, and blockage in the desired slimming process.

It is important to remember that you do not need to go to the bathroom at least once a day. A person with below symptoms gets considered to have a trapped or lazy gut:

  • He goes less than three times a week to the bathroom;
  • You need to use a lot of force to evacuate;
  • It produces hard stools and dry stools.

There may be several causes for the bowel to stop. The low intake of water and the consumption of excess industrialized foods are main ones. These aggravate or harms the consumption of fiber in the diet. The use of medications such as analgesics and antidepressants..can also cause constipation of the bowel.

Some measures improve bowel function.

Some valuable tips that serve as the alternative in the treatment of constipation are:

  1. Set the menu – including fiber in the food is very important. They act as a natural laxative, increasing the fecal cake. Vegetables with stalk, green leaves (kale) and whole grains (wheat bran) are essential.
  2. Drink more water- Drinking 2 liters of water daily help in hydration of guts. Thereby help with easy digestion.
  3. Educate your gut – Determine a time to evacuate, even without the will;
  4. Stir the body – physical activity is a great option to combat the anxiety that causes muscle strain of the bowel;
  5. Opt for the effect of warm laxative teas when waking up fast;
  6. Let the shame go – it made sense, go to the bathroom even if it’s a shared bathroom. Constipation gets worse when we block the bowel movement.

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