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How to Use Hair Dryer for Styling Hair to Look Beautiful

Kristina Rodulfo

Hair dryer is a need if you do not want to spend a lot of money to pay professional hair stylist for the hairstyle.

There are some easy tips to use hair dryer which when applying correctly, can make your hair healthy and look good.

1. Position the hair dryer correctly

One of the most important tips to use a hair dryer is to position the hair dryer correctly so that the air flows appropriately.

If you want straight and slim hair, you should make sure the flow of air flows down from the root to the tip of the hair.

2. Wear aids

Tools such as hair brushes, useful to make your hair dry faster, so it does not need to linger using a hairdryer.

3. Prepare hair needs

The texture of your hair has a significant influence on the needs you need to prepare.
Mousse, gels, creams, and glazes are suitable for medium hair. Whereas if you have thick hair, you can choose other hard products.

4. Select the appropriate product

It is essential to choose the right product and use it in the right way. If you want to form straight with a hairdryer, use products like gel, glaze, cream and other temporary hair straightening products that match your hair. If you want wavy hair, mousse, and gel suitable for this form.

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5. Heat and normal air flow

Almost all hair dryers have hot and normal level settings. Use interchangeably with hot and average temperatures, and you can do the final touch of the hair dryer process with normal airflow.

6. Know your drying pattern

You need to know which areas need more heat. For example, the left side of the hair may always dry faster than the right side and generally, the front hair dries faster than the back. So you know which areas need attention to get hot air flow for longer.

7. Do not Overdo

Do not overuse using a hair dryer, because it can cause severe damage to your hair. Let the hair rest for several days and do not overexpose it with the high heat from the hair dryer. Make sure you also treat it with a hair mask and deep conditioning treatments.

All you can do yourself in your comfortable room and no reason to wait until you go to the salon, to make your hair look charming.

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