Good Habits To Lose Weight

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5 Good Habits To Lose Weight In New Year

Vickie Glosson

Good Habits To Lose Weight

Losing weight without a strict regime or intense training is possible, as science has shown these five good habits lose weight in new year.

It is one of the most common purposes which is harder to maintain. Losing weight occupies a prominent place among the objectives of each new year, a list that often ends up in the bin within a few weeks. And is that, although the weight loss plan draws correctly and easy to incorporate into the day to day, you will have to keep it for the next twelve months.

For this reason, experts recommend setting small goals, more comfortable to achieve and close in time, to guide you towards the final purpose. Follow these healthy recommendations every January because, after three weeks, according to the studies, they will have become habits of your life.

Good Habits To Lose Weight In New Year

1. Breakfast

Some dietitians argue that breakfast should not be an obligation, that is, if
you do not feel hungry when you wake up, you can delay the first meal of the day until your body asks for it. However, most scientific research has shown that having a healthy breakfast makes it easier to follow a healthy diet for the rest of the day and maintain a healthier weight. And when the goal is to lose weight, a recent study revealed the perfect equation to burn calories for the next 24 hours: a breakfast consisting of 35% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 45% healthy fats, such as those containing avocado or the nuts.

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2. Eat slow

The slow eating philosophy advocates dedicating the necessary attention and time to each meal to enjoy it more and eat less. If you sit down at the table, free of distractions, and chew each food enough, slowing down the rate of intake, the brain can react when the body is full and thus avoid taking more food than you need. Also, this way of feeding also includes the preference for fresh foods and healthy recipes, which will maintain a more nutritious and light diet.

3. Do not drink alcohol throughout the month

Have you heard about Dry January? This particularly popular challenge in the United Kingdom encourages people to give up alcoholic beverages from the first Monday following the New Year until the last day of January. To the direct benefits -such as detoxifying the organism (and the skin) or reducing the caloric intake, a few days ago another positive effect was added. A study has found that those who complete the Dry January consume less alcohol during the subsequent months without making any conscious effort to make it. So, they drink less naturally.

4. Walking smartly

The World Health Organization recommends practicing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. Walking can be the best alternative for those who hate going to the gym because walking at a good pace 2 and a half hours a week can increase weight loss by 25%. To make the exercise as efficient as possible and burn more fat, the Nicolette Amarillo trainer recommends creating intensity peaks, varying the speed of the walk in intervals of 30 or 60 seconds.

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5. Take these cups before going to sleep

Milk and soy drink, cinnamon infusion, aloe vera juice or protein are some of the drinks that, consuming before bed, can help you to lose weight due to its double effect. On the one hand, they make it easier for you to sleep well, the easiest trick to maintain a healthy weight and successful weight loss plan. On the other, its different components will have direct benefits in the body: burn more calories, drain fluids, balance the hormones that influence weight loss.

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