8 Daily Habits That Are Bad For Eyes Health, Beauty Vigour


8 Daily Habits That Are Bad For Eyes Health

Vickie Glosson

8 Daily Habits That Are Bad For Eyes Health, Beauty Vigour

Everything you do every day will affect the health of your eyes. Our eyes are among the most valuable instruments we have. How many of us do we care about?

Scientists have recently informed about the outbreak of a rare infection that can cause blindness, highlighting the importance of taking care of the health of our eyes, especially those wearing contact lenses.

According to the researchers, the disease occurs mainly when the lenses come into contact with contaminated water, but everyone can affect by a variety of factors.

But what do we have to do in our everyday life to keep our eyes healthy? Experts talk about everyday habits that we need to look out for:

Daily Habits That Are Bad For Eyes Health

1. Swimming Without Wearing Glasses

Swimming is exceptionally beneficial to the cardiovascular system, but if you do not wear glasses, your eyes may affect, especially if you wear contact lenses. Water in swimming pools, rivers, and the sea, or even in the shower can make our eyes vulnerable to bacterial infections.

If you have contact lenses, you are more vulnerable because bacteria stick to the lenses and can cause inflammation or even contamination. The lenses also absorb any water around them, which changes their shape, makes them uncomfortable to wear, and our vision can become cloudy or even distorted. It is essential to wear clean and new lenses along with waterproof bathing goggles.

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2. Your Old Mascara

Do you know, you have to change mascara every three or four months?

Mascara can become a host of bacteria that can cause infections that lead to redness, sensitivity to light, irritation and, in rare cases, even blindness. Cosmetics such as the pencil applied to the inside of the eye may increase the risk of infection. Something similar happens with false eyelashes as they tend to trap dirt and bacteria.

3. Missing Your Annual Examinations

An eye test can detect health problems such as diabetes, glaucoma or high blood pressure, which can lead to severe eye problems, even blindness.

Even arthritis can detect by a simple examination since the inflammation also appears on the eye. Most doctors recommend an ophthalmologic examination every two years, unless you have problems in your eyes, in which case you need to check every 12 months.

4. Obsession With Your Cell Phone

If you look at your cell phone, computer or TV screen for hours in the day, you do not do any good in your eyes. These screens emit a blue light that absorbed by vital cells into the eye’s retina, causing the secretion of toxic chemicals.

5. Smoking

We all know that this habit is unfortunate, but few realize that it hurts our eyes, among other things. Smoking develops the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, which is a condition affecting the middle part of our vision. Indeed, evil is doubled for smokers over 50 years of age.

6. You Forget To Wear Sunglasses

You may think you do not need it anymore since summer is now past, but the truth is that ultraviolet radiation (UV) continues to hurt us even on winter days. Although the number of ultraviolet radiation is usually higher on sunny days, it is important to remember that up to 80% of the radiation can penetrate the clouds.

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7. Your Fan

If you let the fan run all night, you increase the chances of irritation and dryness in your eyes if you bring contact lenses. It is because the fan brings you allergens such as dust or pollen, so when you wear your lenses in the morning, you may feel irritated.

Try to keep the surfaces of your home as clean as possible in order not to collect a lot of dust, and try to put the timer on your fan so that it turns off after a while.

8. Excessive Eye Drops

Although useful, many eye drops can lead to undesirable effects. The redness that can create from the drops is due to the blood vessels expanding as the effect of the drug begins to pass, creating a vicious circle.

It’s best not to use drops of preservatives more than four times a day, while drops without preservatives are better for those with sensitive eyes.

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