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5 Habits Before Sleep Make You Fat

Sara Kettler

Activity before bed can determine the number of your scales. Do you know there are habits that without you realize can make the scales always move to the right because it turns out you get fat?

5 Habits Before Sleep Make You Fat

1. Eating fried foods

Fried foods taste more delicious than steamed ones. However, if you consume at night, your body will have more calories to burn. In fact, you do not have much time to burn it. Finally, unburned calories will store as fat. You’d get a better snack on roasted, steamed, or boiled food.

2. Consuming carbohydrates in large portions

Carbohydrates will give you extra energy, which will not use while you sleep. Foods with high carbohydrates, such as rice, contain sugars that must burn immediately. Otherwise, the sugar will convert into fat. For the dinner menu, it is recommended that smoothies without added sugar, vegetables, and fresh fruits with a portion to taste. But, if you cannot leave carbohydrates, consume in small portions.

3. Skipping the dinner

Because you do not want to be fat, you choose not to eat? It is a wrong habit. Because, while skipping meals, your metabolism will slow down. Not eating also makes you hungry for the next meal, so make you eat more and more. Therefore, although not eating food with a full menu, try to eat fruit at night.

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4. Go straight to bed after dinner

A full stomach makes us feel sleepy. The problem is, sleeping straight after dinner will not only cause indigestion but also fat accumulation in the body. Therefore, eat 1.5 to 2 hours before bedtime, so the body has time to digest food.

5. Drinking alcohol and caffeine

Many people want to feel relaxed with alcohol and coffee. In fact, alcohol and caffeine can interfere with your night’s sleep. Do not forget the sugar contained in coffee and alcoholic beverages. Sugar means extra calories. If you want to drink something, you better make smoothies without added sugar or warm milk. However, it is best to close your day with a glass of water.

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