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The Best 10 Gourmet Gift Baskets Available Online in 2022


Looking to buy a gift for the foodie in your life? Whether they are a coffee snob, an avid cheese lover, or someone who can’t live without wine there are plenty of delightful baskets on the internet that you could choose from.

 These aren’t just any ordinary gifts mind you! They feature the best artisanal foods that you can find. They’ll wow their recipient and show them that you went above and beyond with sublime content including wine, chocolate, coffee, baked goods, fruit, and more.

The people we asked to choose the best gourmet gift baskets did so. The following were their selections.

1- Mouth Holiday Sweet + Savory Box

The Mouth Holiday Sweet + Savory Box is perfect for the person who loves to snack on small-production foods. This collection contains some of the highest quality snacks including Lillies Chocolate Peppermint Sables, Mouths Poppy Handcrafted Popcorns and Zaatar Pita Chips made by Lillies Q.

There is a variety of items that you can add to your gift basket–choose from two different sizes. The larger size includes Mouth Peppermint Bark, Rosemary Parmesan Brittle from Brooklyn Brittle Rustic Bakerys Ginger Baby Cookies and Mouths Toffee Break Chocolate Bar.

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2- See’s Candies Signature Gift Pack

A number of holiday offerings are coming soon from the famed chocolate purveyor but the Sees Candy Signature Gift Pack is available year round. It is a box full of delicious treats including assorted chocolates nuts and chews Toffeeettes and crunchy caramel corn. At well under $20 it’s a bargain.


3- Best Meat and Cheese: Lady & Larder XXL Cheese Board

The artisanal cheeses that come from all corners of the United States are curated at the Lady and Larder, giving the cheese-eating public a chance to sample some of the best cheeses in the country. From the sharp cheddar to the sweet goat milk varieties, each cheese is one of a kind and made with care and with love. 

4- Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift Box Set 

The coffee drinker might enjoy a gift basket at an amazing many grocery stores. This easy to carry and delicious gift pack includes butter shortbread cookies, blackberry jam, bag of syrah coffee beans and a white diner mug. Perfect for an elegant afternoon tea on the go!

5- Rancho Gordo Deluxe Gift Box

Giving beans this holiday season is the perfect way to please the chef of the house! Included are five pounds of Rancho Gordo beans, cooking instructions, and a cloth carrying bag. O Magazine (a popular magazine) has even discussed their admiration for them! 


6-  Melissa’s Produce Exotic Fruit Gift Basket

There are a lot of fruit baskets out there, some more exciting than others. For one that will blow the recipient away go with the Exotic Fruit Gift Basket from Melissa’s Produce because it is fresh and juicy with color and frankly blows most other fruit baskets out of the water.

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7- Whitman’s Sampler Gift Box of Assorted

The Dark Chocolate Deliciousness Box is a must-have for any chocolate lover. Whitman’s has been crafting milk and dark chocolates, caramels, toffees, fruit crèmes, nut and peanut butter clusters, and hard and chewy candies. They’re deliciously sweet and can be mindlessly enjoyed, but they also let you explore the terroir with single-origin chocolate.

8- Best Of Dylan’s Candy Bar Gift Basket

There are 10 different types of sweets in this basket from Dylans Candy Bar. Some are peanut butter cups, some have cookie bites and one is called Bliss a colorful lollipop and more.

This option will go over especially well with children.

9- Harry& David Moose Munch Premium Popcorn Deluxe Tin

Moose Munch is a popular brand of popcorn that has gone through more than 160 recipe attempts to get the perfect formula. It’s sweet, crunchy, and caramel-flavored. These tins include chocolate covered Moose Munch, caramel covered Moose Munch, and more.

10- Best Italian: iGourmet Italian Treasures Gift Box

Looking to please the Italian food fanatic in your life? Check out the Italian Treasures Gift Box from iGourmet! The box features fifteen regions of Italy, including Tuscany, Abruzzi, and Umbria. You’ll find aged Parmigiano Reggiano Sicilian tomato sauce Italian roast coffee, Puglian pasta made with acacia honey from Tuscany’s Genovese pesto.

You can always find a food gift basket idea for every gift. So whichever flavor you’re going with, we can help them eat it and impress your close mates with your gifts. that is why giving wonderful gifts is always a good idea.

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