14 Fresh Juice For Your Beauty, Beauty Vigour

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14 Fresh Juice For Your Beauty

Susan Wagner

14 Fresh Juice For Your Beauty, Beauty Vigour

Beautiful skin and healthy hair reflect certain character. Nature is the best partner in the fight against your problem areas. Beauty comes from within. Try this ultra nutritious fruit juices. Moreover, they are ultra tasty.

UV-protection for the skin:

Add half a honeydew melon, an apple, some red grapes, some ice and a teaspoon of lemon juice. This juice protects your skin from the sun.

For shiny hair:

With an extra dose of vitamin C, you get your hair back on track. With a grapefruit, an orange and two ripe, sweet pears this juice tastes great.

For a more beautiful complexion:

If your skin gets tanned then here is a fruit juice recipe.

Mix 1 cup of cherries, lemon juice, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of bee pollen and 1 teaspoon of honey beekeepers. Add some milk and some ice.

Against the accumulation of fluid in the body:

This recipe works well to reduce fluid retention in the body. Mix a few spinach leaves with three oranges and pineapple papaya. This recipe improves the water drainage in your body.

More moisture for the skin:

Mix three strawberries, a pear, an orange and some mineral water for a delicious fruit juice. This juice gives your skin the moisture it needs.

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Even more moisture for the skin:
14 Fresh Juice For Your Beauty, Beauty Vigour

To provide your skin with adequate moisture, you can get juice from Aloe, two lemons, some leafy greens. Also, add a cup of blueberries and mix a spoonful of honey.

For fat burning:

For faster fat burning, a juice of a grapefruit and pineapple in a ratio of 3:1 in a blender with ice. Add sugar if required. It will improve your metabolism and helps in burning fat.

For a radiant skin:

A small anti-aging effect on the skin you get with the Queen of the shoot species of alfalfa sprouts. For this, mix a bio carrot, a little leaf green bio-carrot, a teaspoon of bee pollen and honey beekeepers. Alfalfa sprouts you may get in health food stores. They taste even good in the salad.

Against impure skin and acne:

Purify your body of all pollutants with papaya, grapefruit, raspberries and lemon juice. Add a little sugar, and give a few ice cubes in the blender if required.

For a slim figure:

Peel two apples; add half a pineapple. Also, in some ice and a few drops of lemon or lime to make good. The drink has no calories and does still tired.

For relaxing after sport:

Make a drink of banana, kiwi, ice cream and a good splash of milk. There is nothing better for after sport.

Against Cellulite # 1

Mix half a cucumber, a small beetroot beet, half an apple and four carrots in a blender. Cellulite helps to fight with a targeted diet. Taking alkaline foods contains the least acid. Beetroot, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, legumes, cucumbers, carrots are alkaline food.

Against Cellulite # 2

Watermelon is one of the essential fruits. Mix melon along with cucumber. They taste great together. Both consist of almost 90% water and are low in calories. Besides they are the anti-cellulite effect. If you want to achieve natural sweetness, the watermelon will reciprocate to a ripe melon.

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To Remove tan:

Add tomato half, a carrot, and a little white pepper in a blender. Tomatoes and carrots remove tan. The tomato contains lycopene, which protects against UV radiation. In the carrot, it is the vitamin A, which provides a natural skin tone.

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