7 Best Foods To Lose Weight In Menopause, Beauty Vigour

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7 Best Foods To Lose Weight In Menopause

Vickie Glosson

7 Best Foods To Lose Weight In Menopause, Beauty Vigour

For a woman to lose weight in menopause, they must know several foods that will help due to their nutritional composition and that is what we will see in today’s post. Here are the foods to lose weight in menopause naturally.

The diet to lose weight in menopause is critical, of course, but in addition to taking care of food, specific remedies and foods should include in the diet as they help to regulate the hormonal process that is crucial in this stage of the woman’s life.

Before we tell you what those foods are, let’s talk about the three factors that influence menopause and that hinder weight loss.

Factors That Make Difficult To Lose Weight In Menopause

1. The Hormonal Changes

When a woman seeks to lose weight in menopause, this is the first of the factors that hinder the goal. The body does not use the fat that previously accumulated in the hips to be a source of energy during pregnancy or breastfeeding now in menopause this fat ends up being deposited in the abdomen area.

2. The Psychological Factor

In many cases, the woman in the menopause becomes more irritable, anxious, depressed or also a more sedentary person. It increases anxiety resulting in the woman chopping more food between meals which can hinder weight loss.

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3. The Metabolic Factor

In menopause, the woman decreases caloric expenditure when she is at rest and this stage she loses muscle mass and gains fat. The body of the woman begins to consume less amount of energy, which ends up by translating into an increase in weight.

Knowing the three factors that influence the loss of weight in the woman in the menopause stage, we can start to consume the foods that are recommended to be able to lose weight in the menopause.

Foods To Lose Weight In Menopause

1. Hops
7 Best Foods To Lose Weight In Menopause, Beauty Vigour
Foods To Lose Weight In Menopause, Hops

It is an anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective and very antioxidant plant that helps to reduce hot flashes of menopause, nervousness, insomnia or excessive sweating.

2. Black Cohosh

It is a plant with estrogenic action whose effects are hormonal regulators and soothing of tension and anxiety. It generally improves the symptoms of menopause and is also useful for treating depression or vaginal dryness.

3. Female Ginseng

It is an herb that has been using for a long time in China to treat women’s hormonal problems as it has analgesic, Phytoestrogen or antispasmodic properties. It is highly recommended to lose weight in menopause, but yes, its use is not recommending in cases of hypertension.

4. Maca

It helps to increase sexual appetite, reduce depression and combat fatigue in menopause. It can not take when the woman is on any hormonal therapy in any hormonal contraceptive treatment.

5. Evening Primrose Oil

It is an oil that contains phytoestrogens and helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, fluid retention and so on. In cases of epilepsy or different mental disorders, the consumption of this oil is not recommending.

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6. Isoflavones

They help to reduce fatigue, sweating at night, hot flashes and also against mood lows. But they are not recommended when the woman has a tumor or in cases where there is a disorder in the thyroid gland.

7. The Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fatty acids help to improve the symptoms that occur in menopause as well as other problems such as depression or osteoarthritis.

Homeopathy To Lose Weight In Manopause

It is part of natural therapies that also work to improve situations in life, as in this case occurs with this stage of women. Homeopathy in addition to reducing symptoms promotes weight loss by helping the body to unlock the mechanisms that make it challenging for women to lose weight and homeopathy to lose weight in menopause is a good option.

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