10 Foods Ideal for Sportsperson

10 Foods Ideal for Sportsperson

The issue of food arises to any sportsmen. What to eat before or after exercise? Which foods help prevent joint or muscle pain? What should we swallow to aid recovery or to regenerate muscles? Maintaining varieties of the meal along with a balanced diet is essential. For this, we must especially pay attention to the food composition. Protein, carbohydrates, omega-3. Each element has its characteristics and is useful for an athlete. It remains to choose the right time to incorporate them into your menu.

  • Some of them, such as milk or fish, is quite useful for the recovery phase, after exercise.
  • Others, such as bananas, nuts or ginger, will act as joint or muscle pain prevention tools. Everything depends on the type of sport you practice.
  • Bodybuilding, for example, will focus on foods rich in protein and low in fat as chicken breast or egg whites. Fruits, vegetables, meats, drinks.

Discover 10 essential foods in the daily life of a sportsman, easy to cook or prepare.

Here are 10 foods to incorporate into your menus to prevent pain and promote recovery. It also feeds your muscles.

1. Bananas to prevent cramps and aches

Banana is a food enjoyed by sportsperson. It is rich in carbohydrates and thus energy source. The mineral Potassium in banana prevents the onset of muscle fatigue. It acts against cramps and aches.

2. Beet for endurance

The peculiarity of the beetroot is that it contains many natural nitrates. It is useful for lowering blood pressure. During exercise, the heart has more oxygen supply, so the muscles are more powerful. This helps in gaining endurance.

3. Ginger to relieve joint pain

Thanks to its high content of antioxidants. Ginger is an effective diet for reducing the risk of joint pain during exercise. Incorporate Ginger into menus during preparation before running exercise.

4. Milk to promote recovery

It is not recommended to drink milk before a physical exercise as it is tough to digest. It is a good idea to swallow after exercise. Thanks to its protein content. This will promote the recovery and regeneration of muscles.

5. Eggs for protein

The egg has the specificity to have a high protein content (about 12 g per 100 g). It is a must for muscle function and energy intake. Note that intake of egg white is good as it is free of fat and carbohydrates than yellow.

6. Chicken breast for the followers of bodybuilding

Chicken breast has an ideal composition for the regulars weight rooms. A large protein (22 g per 100 g) and a small amount of fat, a perfect combination when it comes to working muscles.

7. Salmon to strengthen bones

Salmon works wonderfully during the recovery phase after your training menu. It’s Omega-3 ease the functioning of your cells and your brain. Its vitamin D strengthens bones and protein provide energy. In short, a more than complete feed.

8. Pineapple to relieve your muscles

Pineapple contains Bromelain. It helps to digest protein ingested. It is also effective against inflammation of the muscles. Again, this is in a recovery phase as pineapple helps to recover.

9. Beans help to drop fat

The bean seduces athletes for his contribution in fiber and protein. It is using both to cut fat and also to strengthen the muscles. A healthy vegetarian diet as it replaces the meat or fish protein intakes.

10. Nuts for their anti-inflammatory properties

Nuts contain omega-3 especially useful for preventing and relieve joint inflammation. The asset of this food is that it contains protein, fiber, and vitamin E.

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